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Brace yourselves...The Bronies are coming: Europe's largest My Little Pony convention comes to Manchester

Brace yourselves...The Bronies are coming: Europe's largest My Little Pony convention comes to Manchester

Exclusive by Marios Papaloizou

You might have thought My Little Pony was a kids' TV show with some very successful toys.

Yet thousands of 'Bronies' and 'Pegasisters' – adult fans of My Little Pony – are descending on Manchester this weekend for the second annual BUCK convention.

For those who are in the dark about the phenomenon that is sweeping the world, a ‘Brony’ is an adult fan of the animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP).

Manchester is home to Europe’s largest ‘Brony’ convention which kicked off this weekend at the Bridgewater hall.

MM spoke exclusively to two of the show’s writers to find out more about the phenomenon.

Cindy Morrow worked with the creator of My Little Pony on previous shows such as the Powerpuff Girls and admits she was surprised by the following the new show developed.

“At first I didn’t get why men would like the show. Now that I see what MLP brings to adult audiences, I’m really pleased to be a part of it,” she said.

“Anyone who hears the short (ignorant) version of what makes a Brony thinks it’s unusual, but once I explain all of the positive effects the show has on people and what the conventions provide for fans, most think the whole ‘phenomenon is pretty cool”

“’Tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ seem to be words used by Bronies, and I can’t say that I’ve seen more tolerance and/or acceptance anywhere else than I’ve seen at these conventions.”

Emmy Award nominee Amy Rogers also writes for the show and she told MM that she has been taken-a-back by the commitment of fans.

“I’ve been really amazed at the dedication that fans have put behind this show,” she said.

“Putting together conventions is a lot of work and then for thousands of people to attend those conventions is so impressive. And all for the love of My Little Pony!”

Despite the large adult fan-base that the show has garnered Rogers does not intend to alter her approach to writing the show.

“We‘re obviously aware of Bronies. But out key demographic remains the same,” she said.

“We write the show for our target audience and still write in jokes that make us – the grown up, but rather goofy writers – laugh.

“That’s probably part of what amused the adult audience in the first place.”

Eileen Montgomery, 23, is a ‘Pegasister’ – a female adult fan of the show.

Eileen produces fan-made voice overs and music about the show and admits she was sceptical at first about tuning in.

“As much as I love cartoon animation I was very hesitant to watch a young girls show  I watched when I was younger,” she told MM.

“I gave it a shot, the animation was smooth, the writing was fab, the music was sweet, and the voice acting was amazing”

Eileen believes that the show is so special because of the message that it delivers.

“Everybody is equal and can be entitled to their own opinion of what they like and dislike.”

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