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A pug's life: Manchester’s cutest pooch Dita Von Pug loves nothing more than dressing up – in (extra cute) pictures

A pug's life: Manchester’s cutest pooch Dita Von Pug loves nothing more than dressing up – in (extra cute) pictures

By Helen Le Caplain

When you’re blessed with a beautiful face, dark amber eyes and a gaze that could teach Shrek’s Puss in Boots a thing or two you know you’re onto a good thing.

Meet Dita Von Pug, the adorable black pooch who has stolen Mancunians’ hearts, along with slabs of cake and an expensive lipstick along the way, with her cute appearance and cheeky personality.

Most dogs would adopt a world-weary expression at the mere suggestion of a fluffy hoody or a waterproof coat but Dita, like her vintage-inspired namesake, revels in strutting her stuff while donning all kinds of canine couture.

Dita’s owner, award-winning make-up artist and hair stylist Bethany Davies, explained that the main function of her wardrobe was to keep the three-year-old beauty warm.

She said: “She doesn’t dress up every day, only when it’s cold or for novelty purposes.

STRIKE A POSE! Dita modelling a cosy hand-knitted jumper

“She’s a single-coat pug and a little bit bald on her belly so she can get chilly on her stomach, the jumpers keep her nice and warm.”

And just like any fashionista who makes an effort for special occasions Dita has a range of holiday-inspired threads, alongside the practical jumpers and coats, to keep things festive for impromptu photoshoots.

Last Halloween she donned a vivid orange pumpkin costume during the day and then for the evening celebrations slipped into a fetching pair of red crocheted devil horns.

SMASHING! Chilling out during the Halloween festivities

DEVILISH: Embracing the Halloween spirit

But it's not just spooky fancy dress that tickles her fancy, this Christmas she tried out this tree-inspired number for size while posing with best friend Dexter, a Chihuahua cross, who also has a penchant for accessories.

CHRISTMASSY CANINES: Dita and Dexter strike a pose

Taking her passion for fashion to a wider audience Dita has even caught the attention of professional boudoir photographer Kim Nicholls, of Madame Boudoir, who placed her centre stage in a vintage-inspired Christmas shoot along with 31-year-old owner Bethany.

SURPRISE! Dita pops out of a gift box (Copyright Madame Boudoir Photography)

But Dita’s not all fur coat and no knickers, she’s a loveable character who loves long walks, companionship and plenty of treats.

“She’s really fun to be around, she likes companionship and going on long walks. She’s very loyal, very strong-willed and really greedy!

Her love of treats ensured that Kim could get the perfect shot (above) thanks to a home-made ‘sausage fishing line’ which gave her something to gaze at longingly while being papped.

However she has been placed in the dog house a few times when she’s indulged in a little forbidden snacking.

The first casualty was Bethany’s coral lipstick which went missing from her make-up bag and suspiciously ended up smeared around Dita’s all-too innocent face.

GUILTY! Dita decided to try out some of her owner's favourite coral lipstick

While her most recent escapade involved waiting until her owners were asleep and helping herself to a slice of cake and subsequently being 'dogshamed'.

NAMED AND SHAMED: Dita returns to the scene of the crime

Aside from stealing the odd treat here, and let's face it which dogs don't, Dita is using her passion for fashion to help fellow poochkind. 

Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association is a charity dedicated to the welfare of pugs across the UK and helps any who need rescuing or rehoming. 

At last September's annual Pug Dog Welfare & Rescue Association fundraising garden party Bethany and Dita went along as a sunflower, complete with bee lead accessory, and came sixth in the fancy dress competition.

FLORAL FASHION: Fancy dress at a charity garden party

For all her glamour Dita's certainly no diva and can take a joke with the best of them. While watching Bethany style a customer from the comfort of a nearby armchair she good-naturedly adopted a Duane Dibbley-inspired look (of Red Dwarf fame) courtesy of a clip-in fringe balanced on her head.

FRINGE BENEFITS: Red Dwarf-inspired look or fifth member of The Beatles?

So what does Dita get up to when she's not strutting her stuff in Manchester?

Bethany said that she's a real homegirl at heart who loves nothing more than to relax in the company of others, go for trips in the car and take long walks in the countryside.


PUG LIFE: Checking out what Manchester has to offer

But with a face like that it seems a shame not to share her look with the masses, and after Bethany's highly successful run of classic vintage calendars The Vintage Beauty Parlour Pin-up Calendar 2013, would a pug-themed edition be on the cards in future?

Bethany laughed: "That would be great! It's certainly something to think about for next year!"

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