Updated: Friday, 22nd May 2020 @ 2:15pm

Our fantasy mayor? Poll reveals Jeremy Clarkson as Manchester's top choice, ahead of David Beckham

Our fantasy mayor? Poll reveals Jeremy Clarkson as Manchester's top choice, ahead of David Beckham

By Sarah Brook

Jeremy Clarkson is Manchester’s ideal mayor according to a survey released yesterday, with Simon Cowell and David Beckham also in the pipeline.

The survey reveals how the people of Manchester would shape their city in an ideal world.

With 77% of Manchester residents wanting to focus on regenerating the cities high streets, student Gabriella Ward believes Clarkson would be the perfect candidate for the job. 

“Lots of independent shops are shutting down and we need to keep the area looking in tip-top condition. Jeremy would be a great leader and he definitely would not take any nonsense,” the 23-year-old said.

“He is very successful in what he does and knows a lot about the world, so he will certainly get the buzz back in the high streets." 

Although the survey – conducted to celebrate the launch of SimCity on March 8 – showed Clarkson was the man for the job, current mayor Elaine Boyes doesn’t have anything to fear just yet.

A whopping 83% residents also voted to introduce Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach into the city’s skyline, favouring the landmark over other iconic structures such as The Eiffel Tower or The Empire State Building.

Honor Cam – an old employee at the Pleasure Beach – was delighted to hear so many people had chosen the theme park as their number one choice for their dream city skyline.

“I have practically grown up at the Pleasure Beach. Everyone has heard of it who lives or visits Manchester, so it is great to hear that people would want it in their ideal skyline,” she said.

Similar to the game SimCity – where players are empowered to create a world of their imagination – OnePoll asked 1000 UK participants to use their imagination and decide how they would run their city. 

With results showing Clarkson as the man for mayor and the Pleasure Beach as the new attraction of Manchester’s skyline, are we now hoping this dream world will one day become a reality?

Picture courtesy of Ed Perchick, with thanks.

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