Updated: Wednesday, 1st July 2020 @ 4:56pm

Enviroment Agency improve Didsbury's flood defences

Enviroment Agency improve Didsbury's flood defences

By Joe Dalton, Ben Lugg, Steven Oldham and Phil Sim

Major improvement works to a flood storage basin in Didsbury began on Monday following heavy flooding in February.

The Environment Agency’s Didsbury Flood Storage Basin is used when water levels in the River Mersey become too high.

The heavy rain last month left businesses in South Manchester facing thousands of pounds in bills after Mersey sluice gates were opened and water surged over the area.

 Mark Rees, project manager for the Environment Agency, said: “Didsbury is one of the areas most prone to flooding along the River Mersey.

“The storage basin is one of the key flood control points.

“This basin wasn’t draining efficiently enough and we are legally required under the Reservoirs Act to ensure this is resolved.”

The existing defences have failed eight times in the last 20 years.

The improvement works being carried out will increase the capacity of the basin and will cost around £500,000.

It is thought the works will take four months to complete which should see the improved protection in place before the autumn rains hit.

Improvements in Didsbury will include new flood defence walls and gate coupled with parking changes on Stenner Lane and the creation of a new access road at Fielden Park Brook.

Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens have suffered during flooding in the past as have been used as a flood plain to protect nearby houses.

Fletcher Moss spokesman, Colin Evans, said: “One of the problems is getting rid of the water.

“It’s a very slow process.

“The new improvements will help us get back to being a beautiful park again.”