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‘My body’s not as fit as when I was 18, big deal!’ Katie Price on pregnancy, her new scent and coming to Bolton

‘My body’s not as fit as when I was 18, big deal!’ Katie Price on pregnancy, her new scent and coming to Bolton

Exclusive by Megan Bramall

Glamour model turned business woman, Katie Price will be coming to Bolton on Thursday to promote her fourth perfume – only two months after delivering her fourth child.

The superstar gave birth to her son Jett Riviera eight weeks early in August and spoke to MM about her pregnancy, coming up North and her new perfume, Kissable.

The TV personality, who delivered her son by caesarean section, voiced her concerns about the pressures to get back in shape.

She told MM: “I did a work out video straight after I had Junior and I’ll be honest with  you I suffered post-natal depression at that time, I was being pushed to do the video and it was the wrong thing to do. There shouldn't be a pressure.

“I’m not bothered about how I look. If I want to get fit I’ll get fit and if I don’t I won’t.”

Katie, who is already mother to Harvey, 11, Junior, 8, Princess, 6, and new addition Jett Riviera, has recently revealed she would love to extend her brood.

Last week she told This Morning: “As many as my body can have by caesarean, maybe another four.”

After recent complications saw baby Jett enter into the world early, MM asked Katie if adoption would be an option, she said: “Every pregnancy is different; you can’t base your last one on your next one. All my pregnancies have been different.

“I would adopt but I don’t need to at the moment because I've got my own kids and I’ll be having more myself.”

Katie has enjoyed an extensive career having written 40 books, created four scents and been a poster girl on countless walls across the country, but Pricey isn’t worried about her post-baby body.

She told MM: “If I end up having more kids and my body’s not as fit as when I was 18, then what is the big deal? I’m 35 my body's not going to be like an 18-year-old's body anymore.

“I am what I am and I don’t try to be anything I’m not. If I feel good about myself that’s what’s important I don’t try to look a certain way for anyone else.”

Katie will be touring the North West on Thursday attending signings for her fourth and newly-released perfume, Kissable, and there’s one particular reason she looks forward to making the trip, she said: “Lots of girls dress up in the North, I love it! They really make an effort.”

Promotions for her new scent may be underway but there are no signs of the mogul slowing down, Katie told MM: “I have already chosen my perfume for next year; it will be in shops in August.”

Katie will be at Horwich’s Tesco store at 11am on Thursday to promote Kissable.

Image courtesy of Phil Guest via Flickr, with thanks.

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