Updated: Monday, 1st June 2020 @ 12:58pm

What’s new: David Beckham visits newly-refurbished Deansgate cocktail bar

What’s new: David Beckham visits newly-refurbished Deansgate cocktail bar

| By Ciaran Duggan and Ned Holmes

David Beckham has left his mark on the Deansgate cocktail bar, The Living Room, after a major design refurbishment.

The bar first opened in 1999 and has now been visually transformed following a four-week long renovation.

The redecoration is most visible in the new Haig Club Clubman room.

The room is dedicated to the whisky in the bar, named the Haig. David Beckham visited the bar last month to promote it and whilst there he signed his name onto the wall of the room (main pic).

He even drew a love heart next to his signature to express his appreciation for the top quality service he received from The Living Room staff.

It was no coincidence that David Beckham went to The Living Room on Monday, as he used to frequent the venue when he played for Manchester United.

MM were shown the skills and endless practice it takes to make a cocktail. Staff are required to make every cocktail within three minutes and trained to memorise the menu, which includes over 100 different cocktail drinks, before they work on the bar.

The Living Room management also pride themselves on the originality of their drinks, as they judiciously aim to provide cocktails that customers have never tasted before.

Two stand out original drinks include the Cranberry Candy and the Raspberry and Tyne Martini, a must-try for MM.

CRANBERRY CANDY: A must-try according to MM!

The refurbished venue opened to the public on Friday October 14 after a private launch party was held a week prior.

The bar is open from 11 in the morning until late every day of the week.