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MM's top five... ways to lose your festive fat across Manchester, calorie by calorie

MM's top five... ways to lose your festive fat across Manchester, calorie by calorie

By Georgina Stubbs

Christmas, along with New Year, is the time for indulgence and excess of the liquid and gastronomical variety for many Brits. The average person puts on over half a stone during the festive period.

It often takes up to three months to shift the Christmas chub, so Mancunian Matters has compiled a list of the top five ways to say goodbye to the bulge.

1. Cycling

On average within a 30 minute period cycling at a recreational speed (5mph) will burn between 75-155kcal, a moderate exertion (10mph) will burn around 190-415kcal and a vigorous effort (15mph) burning 300-670kcal.

Critical Mass - January 25 2013 – 6pm, Manchester Central Library

Critical Mass is a worldwide cycling event held every last Friday of every month. It is a chance for cyclists of all abilities to meet and cycle en masse around the city, in this case Manchester. It is free to take part in; all you need is a bike and lights. It is a great social event where you can meet people and burn calories...winner!

National Cycling Centre – Manchester – Opposite the Ethiad Stadium

Manchester is the home of British Cycling, meaning there is no better place to reinvigorate your Olympic bug and give track or even BMX a go. There are reasonably priced taster sessions available and equipment and coaching is included in the cost.

Visit www.nationalcyclingcentre.com for more details.

Free cycle training

Not been on a bike in a while? Want to brush up your skills? Transport for Greater Manchester is now offering free cycle refresher courses. Conducted by accredited instructors the course is open to all ages and abilities.

For more information visit www.cycling.tfgm.com

2. Bikram Yoga

Depending on a person’s weight, heart rate and body composition an individual can burn on average in a 90 minute session between 500-1000 calories.

This is yoga with a twist; it consists of 26 postures and two breathing exercises completed over a 90 minute session, conducted in a room which is heated to more than 40 degrees. The fat will literally melt off!

For more information visit www.bikramyogamanchester.co.uk


3. CrossFit

It is estimated that CrossFit burns around 200 calories per 20 minute session; this type of exercise tends to burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme including high intensity repetitions and functional movements. This is not for the faint hearted, it is very demanding; but is perfect for those on a strict time limit as session usually last around 20 minutes or less.

For more information visit www.crossfitmanchester.com

4. Ballroom dancing

In an hour long dance session a slower style of dancing will burn between 150-220 calories, while quicker types will burn around 250-320.

After dropping from a size 24 to a 16 on Strictly Come Dancing, well if it can work for Lisa Riley it can work for all of us!

For information on where to cha cha away those pounds visit www.cadmansdance.co.uk or www.donaheys.co.uk/classes/ballroom-and-latin/

5. Rowing

Within a 30 minute period either on a stationary machine or on the water,  while rowing at a moderate pace it is possible to burn about 245kca and at a vigorous pace 300kcal.

What can be better than a sport that involves sitting down? Rowing is great for a full body work out, targeting all troublesome areas. Many clubs run learn to row courses so all abilities and fitness levels are generally welcome.

For information on how to take to the water visit www.agecroftrc.org.uk or www.traffordrc.org

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