Updated: Monday, 17th June 2019 @ 5:48pm

Piccadilly Pulse: Should Britain intervene in the conflict in Syria?

Piccadilly Pulse: Should Britain intervene in the conflict in Syria?

By Mancunian Matters staff

David Cameron has warned Syria will face a 'day of reckoning' as the death toll rises to 7500 and the international community calls for President Bashar Assad to step down.

The violent conflict between Assad's regime and its opponents has led to urgent calls for aid, arms and military intervention from within and outside the war-torn West Asian country.

Today the Red Cross sent an aid envoy to the city of Homs after the UN expressed alarm over reports of execution-style killings by the Syrian army there.

However, there has been a reluctance to get involved in the conflict as violence still spirals in Afghanistan, where 398 British soldiers have now died, and concerns over the capacity of the rebel movement to overthrow Assad.

We took to the streets to ask Manchester:

Should Britain intervene in the conflict in Syria?

Option Results
Yes 33%
Only funding / aid 14%
No 53%

Alf Wall, 66, retired, Manchester city centre

“If there were British people inside Syria then we should help get them out. Let them kill themselves otherwise”

Ray Ali, 20, student, Cheetham 

“They are killing innocents who have the right to live like we do”


Wendy Clough, unemployed, 39

“We have lost enough men in Afghanistan”


Helen Bond, Southport, 54

“It should be left to the Arab nations”


Jonh Corneill, South Manchester, 65, retired

“We should look after this country first”


Mohammed Khan, 33, accountant, Oldham 

“We should intervene, but in a way that doesn't escalate the political conflict. If we help to them in a corner internationally it might help”


Omar Hussain, 22, student, Stockport 

“It's more Syria's own affair. They should sort it out themselves”


Arslan Ahmed, 22, student, Stockport

“It would escalate the region and make it worse and we have our own problems to deal with”


Michael Gorham, 24, unemployed, Didsbury

“We have a moral obligation, but international pressure is selective: why get involved in that instead of others like Darfur?”