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Fire breathing vicar ignites tarot card trouble with traditionalists

Fire breathing vicar ignites tarot card trouble with traditionalists

By Kathryn Cummings

Manchester’s fire breathing vicar is attempting to extinguish accusations that there will be tarot card readings and fortune telling at an upcoming spiritual event.

Rev Andy Salmon, 50, a vicar at Sacred Trinity and St Philip’s parishes in Salford, came into scrutiny yesterday due to claims he will be practising non-Christian beliefs at Manchester Cathedral’s Spirit of Life event in May.

It was reported that the Spirit of Life Festival will feature tarot cards, crystal healing and dream interpretation, and this brought criticism from some traditionalists. Some went as far as to say he had made a laughing stock out of the Anglican Church and forgot what Christianity really was.

Rev Salmon told MM that there had been confusion in the press and that the festival will be offering a balanced programme of different spiritual traditions.

He said: “Anyone who is interested in spirituality will enjoy this festival, it will give different kinds of approaches to God, but there will be no tarot readers or fortune tellers. It is important for people to realise that the church is full of different people with different skills and gifts.

 “There are all kinds of different spiritualties, going to church doesn’t always have to be about standing there and singing hymns.”

The dare-devil reverend picked up his skill around 12 years ago at a community event, and is known to use his technique in his parish.

“Most of the people of the church find it exciting to watch but are too scared to ever have a go themselves, he said.  “I do pull it out of the bag every now and then. Last time I did it was for a friends 40th birthday.”

The alternative event will be at the Manchester Cathedral on May 2, for more information visit www.thespiritoflife.org.uk

HEATED DEBATE: Rev Salmon is keen to speak out against the claims over tarot cards and fortune telling

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