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Could you live on just £1 a day? Manchester Oxfam workers take 'Live Below the Line' challenge for five days

Could you live on just £1 a day? Manchester Oxfam workers take 'Live Below the Line' challenge for five days

| By Tim Hyde

A group of Manchester charity workers are attempting to survive on £1 a day for five days in an effort to live like the 1.2billion people worldwide who live just below the poverty line.

Staff from the Northern Quarter Oxfam want to experience what millions have to live with on a daily basis, and raise awareness for the global event which takes place later this month.

MM's own Jess Wilson took the challenge up for a week – read about how she fared here.

The idea of Live Below the Line stemmed from a global campaign to raise awareness for global poverty and is backed by celebrities such as Hugh Jackman.

Harriet Roberts, Heather Walkington-Peak, Kelly Paes and Carmel Ganner will be living below the poverty line for five days to raise money for Oxfam – one of the 35 charities supporting the project.

Harriet, mum of two, said: “I’ve been thinking about the challenge and how I will manage.

“When I’m in the supermarket and I see what £1 will afford me, it is a startling reminder of how little some people have.

“Hopefully we will raise some money for those who desperately need it, but also better understand how hard it is to live on so little.”

The group aim to raise money as well as awareness for the project and are hoping they can inspire more people to take on the Live Below the Line challenge.

Some of the things the group can afford are; a mcflurry, a packet of cookies, a loaf of bread, garlic bread, Super Noodles and plain pasta.

Kelly said: “For 1.2billion people who live on the UK equivalent of £1 a day or less for all their basic needs, not just food, is an on-going reality.

“We hope to encourage people to take the Live Below the Line challenge and raise awareness and funds for the work Oxfam does to combat inequality.”

Oxfam, which was founded in 1942, works with thousands of partners to improve the well-being of disadvantaged people across the globe.

Carmel, Oxfam Media Officer from Blackley, said: “The budget for the week is tight and will definitely mean we will have to be creative in the kitchen.

“When £1 doesn’t cover the cost of a box of cereal, it puts into perspective how little so many people have.”

Heather Walkington-Peak, Community Fundraiser for Oxfam North added: “Live Below the Line is a unique experience and campaign, to help understand a bit better the issues faced by people who currently live in extreme poverty. 

“It’s not just a five-day experience for them, but often the choice between feeding your family or life-saving healthcare for your loved ones.

The team will be sharing their progress through an online blog, which you can read here

The official Oxfam Live Below the Line appeal is due to take place globally between April 28 and May 2.

Image courtesy of Mahender G, with thanks.