Updated: Monday, 10th December 2018 @ 4:16pm

Doctor filmed lewd masturbation webcam video for woman while at work, Manchester tribunal hears

Doctor filmed lewd masturbation webcam video for woman while at work, Manchester tribunal hears

By Dean Wilkins

A ‘vulnerable’ doctor admitted to masturbating on webcam at work for a woman at a tribunal at Manchester’s General Medical Council today.

Daniel Smith, 37, of the Isle of Man, recorded a video of himself performing the randy sex act and saved it as ‘Me in Surgery’ after attending to patients on the same morning.

The general practitioner filmed himself at the Peel Medical Centre and claimed he was asked by the woman to perform when he was in a state of ‘heightened vulnerability’, the disciplinary panel heard.

Elizabeth Dudley-Jones, counsel for the GMC, said that Isle of Man police discovered the file made on New Year’s Eve 2010 on his personal laptop – in the video Dr Smith is seen at his desk in the dark.

"He is seen talking to a female on the webcam," she said. "He refers to her by her first name.

"He said this was his new place of work and then turned round the webcam to show the room.

"He placed the webcam back on the surgery desk where he then appeared to remove his trousers.

"He continued to talk and then began to indulge in sexually explicit conversation, referring to his penis. He ejaculates and then Dr Smith closes down the webcam.”

The tribunal was held after Dr Smith's behaviour was deemed indecent, inappropriate and likely to bring the medical profession into disrepute.

He was sacked from the practice but no criminal charges were brought by Isle of Man police.

The doctor, who graduated from the University of Southampton, appeared at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) hearing in Manchester and admitted committing an act of a sexually explicit nature, creating an electronic recording of it and then transmitting it to a third party.

The GMC claimed his fitness to practise is impaired because of his misconduct and heard how Dr Smith sent a letter of apology to the practice revealing how ‘shamefully sorry’ he was about his ‘utterly stupid’ act.

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