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MM's Cheap Eats: Lentil, cauliflower and chickpea curry

MM's Cheap Eats: Lentil, cauliflower and chickpea curry

By Melanie Hughes

This is a cheap, healthy and very easy curry for any day of the week which will satisfy take-away cravings!

Serves Two

1 can chickpeas, drained

50g Red split lentils

Half an onion, finely chopped

15g fresh grated ginger

1 garlic clove, crushed

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp ground coriander

2 tsp garam masala

Half tsp tumeric (for colour)

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 small carrot, peeled and chopped

Handful frozen peas

15g baby spinach

1 can chopped tomatoes

100ml chicken or veg stock

2 tbsp greek or natural yoghurt

Half a cauliflower, cut into florets

Small handful chopped coriander


It’s cheap because, as you can see, there’s no meat in it and most of the ingredients are common store-cupboard essentials. I feel like I say this every week but don’t recoil at the list of ingredients, there’s really nothing obscure or exotic on the list.

I think I simply had this with some garlic naan bread which I bought from the shops but the obviously choice would be pilau rice as well, or both! It’s up to you.

First, heat the oil and fry the onion for five minutes until soft. When it’s softened add the garlic, ginger, cumin, ground coriander, tumeric and the garam masala. Fry these for a minute then add the lentils and the carrots and allow them to soak up the spices.

Add the tinned tomatoes, chickpeas and stock then cover and simmer for around half an hour on a medium heat.

While this is simmering take this time to steam or boil the cauliflower. However, you only want to part boil it so make sure you don’t overdo it otherwise when you add it to the curry it will go all mushy.

Just boil it for around 3 minutes so it’s still fairly firm in the middle.

Now, when the curry has reduced, give it a taste and add any necessary seasoning. Add the cauliflower and the peas and perhaps some more water, if needed, and simmer for a further 10 minutes.

Chop some fresh coriander and add to the dish along with the spinach towards the end of the cooking, as well as the natural yoghurt which will make it less concentrated and take away any overpowering heat.

Serve with some rice and naan with some extra yoghurt on the side and enjoy!