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Take a stroll down the cobbles: Manchester’s Coronation Street Tour – a sneak peek

Take a stroll down the cobbles: Manchester’s Coronation Street Tour – a sneak peek

| By Ruth Dacey

Ken Barlow, Bet Lynch, Hayley Cropper and Mike Baldwin are just a few legendary characters who have gripped the hearts of millions in one of the nation’s best-loved television soaps.

But after 53 years, the eight-time BAFTA-winning show, filmed its final scenes at the Quay Street Studios on December 20 last year and moved to its new home at MediaCityUK.

However, do not fear Corrie fans as Coronation Street: The Tour is offering the public the unique opportunity to walk down the hallowed cobbles of the country’s favourite street as the former set is open to the public from April 5 for just six months.

KABIN FEVER: Fans can pop in the famous corner shop (© Alice Jowitt and Continuum Leading Attractions with thanks)

This is the first time committed Corrie devotees have had a glimpse behind the scenes since the Granada Studios tour closed its doors back in 1996.

And fans are flocking to the new tour with tickets completely sold out for the first fortnight.

FAMOUS COBBLES: Fans will have the chance to follow in the footsteps of their favourite stars

MM were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the famous set so enjoy the ride as we guide you through the highlights. 

First, take a snoop round temptress Carla Connor’s swish flat or 4 Draper Mill Apartment, Weatherfield to give its full address.

The tour guide revealed how the red splashes of colour were chosen to represent her sexy nature and personality.

SWANKY PAD: Carla keeps it spotless (© Alice Jowitt and Continuum Leading Attractions with thanks)

Next door, came The Platts’ property where Gail (now Mrs McIntyre in the show) lives with David, Kylie and Lily Platt along with Max Turner.

This is the place where the most notorious soaps serial killer Richard Hillman catch MM's exclusive chat with the infamous actor – memorably confessed his catalogue of crimes to then astonished wife Gail in 2003, who dubbed him ‘Norman Bates with a briefcase’.

Next up was tour highlight the legendary Rovers Return where around 3.5 million pints have been pulled in here and around 200,000 hotpots have been served over the bar since records began in 1911.

BEHIND THE BAR: MM's Ruth Dacey joins the pantheon of pint pullers

One of the most memorable moments came in 2012 after an altercation between barmaid Tina McIntyre and pregnant Kirsty Soames prompted the latter’s waters to break – resulting in her giving birth to a baby girl in the back room.

Yet it was the stage set of knicker shop Underworld, which opened in 1997, that provided the most fun and detail from the fact-filled tour guide.

KNICKER SHOPPER GLORY: The tour includes underwear shop Underworld

The fourth factory to stand on the street has provided the location for gripping television moments – including three fires and the 2012 discovery of Frank Foster’s lifeless body in a pool of blood.

After weaving past Hayley Cropper’s colourful coffin, her husband’s famously drab costume, with the reliable cardie on show, and the Dobbs’ property, it was finally the moment many Corrie addict have been waiting half a century for – to walk down the cobbled street.

SAUSAGE ROLL: Elliott Butchers and Roy's Rolls are also on show (© Alice Jowitt and Continuum Leading Attractions with thanks)

“Now it’s time for you to follow in the footsteps of the cast and crew and tread on those famous cobbles,” our expert tour guide beamed.

“At last count there were 11,101 of them, but feel free to tot them up and let us know if you get a more precise figure.”

Surely, soap supporters will be only too happy to take the challenge.

Main image courtesy of Alice Jowitt and Continuum Leading Attractions with thanks