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LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Around the counts at Greater Manchester's councils – FULL COVERAGE

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Around the counts at Greater Manchester's councils – FULL COVERAGE

By Mancunian Matters staff

Red, blue, yellow, green or any colour in between, Mancunian Matters is the only place to be for exhaustive coverage of the 2012 Local Council Elections around Greater Manchester.

Voters have until 10:00pm tonight to register their vote, before polling stations close for the count.

Mancunian Matters will be providing round the clock coverage of all ten of Greater Manchester's boroughs, and reporters will be on scene at every single count tonight.

Follow editor David Keane and our team on our live blog, giving you the results as they happen, and we'll have all the reaction from across the region.

Our consultant editor Andrew Greaves, former political correspondent for The Bolton News, will be looking at the national picture and what it means for the parties at Westminister.

And don't forget Salford's Mayoral race. Votes start being counted on Friday morning and MM will be on scene for the results later that day too.

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Live blog coverage: David Keane, Andrew Greaves & the MM team – visit here.

Newsdesk: Helen Le Caplain, Barrie White, Dean Wilkins, Jamie Dickenson & Owen Williams

Greater Manchester local elections 2012: Why are so many young people not voting?

‘Young people do have political power and aren’t afraid to use it in Manchester's council elections’, new National Youth Agency Chair claims

Salford City Council  Salford Mayoral Election

Reporting: Mary Maguire, Najeeb Rehman, Ben Burrows & Sean-Paul Doran
Newsdesk: David Keane, Alex McIntyre & James Dickenson

Historic Salford mayoral count set to get underway

Salford Mayoral count: Liberal Democrat Norman Owen defiant in defeat at local elections

Salford Mayoral Elections 2012: The Supplementary Vote system explained step by step 

Salford Mayoral Elections 2012: Full preview – with the candidates

‘No voters are the biggest winners in Salford’, claims English Democrat candidate ahead of Mayoral election result

'He's lost everything': Labour mayoral candidate hits out at Lib Dem's Norman Owen ahead of Salford results

Paul Massey's brother claims 'it is a change to see him doing something good', as they await Salford Mayoral results

Current Salford City Leader of the Council hints at second count for next mayor

Salford mayoral election race must jump second hurdle – as count two announced

Labour dominant in votes over Conservatives as two main parties face off for Salford Mayoral election second count

Conservative candidate claims Salford mayoral first round 'not a total walkover by Labour' despite 12K vote difference

Labour's Ian Stewart promises 'social change', as he becomes Salford's first ever directly elected mayor 


 Manchester City Council

Reporting: Ian Silvera, Rebecca Pocklington & Jonathan Humphries

Local elections 2012: Pirate Party set sail for three Manchester wards in council vote

Manchester City Council election 2012 countdown: would-be voters urged to check electoral register status

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Manchester City Council

University of Manchester student stands in Rusholme election in attempt to galvanise youth vote

'We've made Labour grovel for votes,' claims campaigner for Cheetham Independent election candidate in Manchester City Council

City Centre Liberal Democrat Councillor, Marc Ramsbottom, admits that the party 'hasn't managed to convince enough people' to vote for them 

City Centre Liberal Democrat leader Marc Ramsbottom loses seat after admitting his party didn't do enough

Labour leader of Manchester City Council, Sir Richard Leese, condemns ‘immoral’ Liberal Democrats and claims party is ‘dead’ 

Labour leader of Manchester City Council, Sir Richard Leese, denounces Manchester mayoral referendum

Mayoral referendum: Manchester votes AGAINST having directly-elected mayor

Manchester City Council Election 2012 round-up: Red is the colour as Labour sweep Lib Dems away

Manchester City Council Elections 2012 results: Labour deal Lib Dems another blow with clean sweep


Trafford CouncilTrafford Metropolitan Council

Reporting: Sean-Paul Doran & Elizabeth Wilkinson

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Trafford Council preview

Quick and easy: Trafford councillor openly confident ahead of local election count, and expects early results

Labour Opposition leader believes surge in postal votes could bring surprise election results for Trafford count 

Trafford Lib Dem leader Ray Bowker expects national politics to impact on local election performance

Trafford Labour leader celebrates his and daughter's election victories as Conservatives lose only seat in Urmston ward

Conservative leader of Trafford Council claims council success was due to distancing borough from Coalition government

Raymond Bowker MBE delighted to buck national trend and hold Trafford seat in rare success story for Lib Dems

Labour wins three Trafford wards to put pressure on Conservatives in traditionally blue council

Trafford Council Elections 2012 round-up: Result may not be groundbreaking but borough rocked by Labour triumphs 


Stockport Council Stockport Metropolitan Council

Reporting: Sophia Rahman, Kevin Benson & Samantha Cordon

Lib Dem group leader hopes to avoid coalition as Stockport Labour councillor claims it is very likely following council election

Laura Booth causes shock as Stockport council leader Dave Goddard loses Offerton seat

Andy Verdeille basks in warm glow of rival's defeat on strong night for Labour in Stockport

Stockport deputy leader left with mixed feelings after Dave Goddard defeat but Lib Dems in strong poisition

Stockport Council Elections 2012 round-up: Lib Dems lose leader Dave Goddard but still in a position to negotiate power

Ousted Dave Goddard accused of being 'shameless' and 'untruthful' as he suffers agony of election defeat in Stockport



Tameside Council Tameside Metropolitan Council 

Reporting: Ben Burrows, Charlie Bennett & Matthew Jones

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Tameside Council preview

Tory launches foul-mouthed attack on BNPs in Tameside after predicting he could fall behind Far Right party

Labour confident, Conservatives downbeat, UKIP ignored: Tameside's Asian community is great achievement claims MP 

Tameside Conservative stronghold falls to Labour in council elections for first time in 16 years

Labour look set to dominate Tameside council elections as Conservatives take beating

Stalybridge North elects its first female councillor for a century as Labour take seat from Conservatives

Tory Tameside candidate who attacked BNP as 'racist c***s' continues assault after fourth loss by party 

Tameside Council Elections 2012 round-up: Spectacular night for Labour as Tories made to suffer

History made in Tameside as 20-year-old becomes borough's youngest ever councillor 

Labour pull of suprise off night in Tameside by snatching Hyde Werneth from Tories

Tameside's Tories slam increasing number of Labour 'couple' councillors standing in elections 


Bury CouncilBury Metropolitan Council

Reporting: Kirsty Plowman & James McLaughlin

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Bury returning officer guarantees 'less drama' in this year's count

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Bury Conservative chief fears the worst

Bury council elections: UKIP chair is 'confident', while Liberal Democrats remain 'anxious' awaiting results

Liberal Democrat Councillor Tim Pickstone worried about Bury local election outcome 

'Bury is returning to where it should be' says newly-elected Labour councillor for Unsworth as Conservatives flounder

Married Liberal Democrat couple lose both their seats in Bury local elections

Bury South MP Ivan Lewis claims Downing Street and David Cameron are ‘out of touch and incompetent’

Bury Council Elections 2012 round-up: Labour romp to resounding victory 


Salford City Council  Salford City Council

Reporting: Hannah Hulme & Jessica Wilson

Salford ready to make history as Mayoral candidates battle it out in front of live radio audience, ahead of election vote

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Polling stations open for Salford Mayoral election

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Lib Dem candidate for Salford Mayor slams 'Labour lies' in campaign ahead of count

Salford Conservative Mayoral candidate Karen Garrido says party must reconnect with voters if they are to win

Salford Lib Dem councillors fear for their party's future as they take a battering at the polls

Salford Council Elections 2012 round-up: Labour snatches seats from both Lib Dems and Tories


Oldham Metropolitan Council  Oldham Metropolitan Council

Reporting: Claire Holden & Gareth Westmorland

'Predictions for tonight's local election results are too hard to call', claims Oldham's Conservative council leader

Tributes pour in on election night for Failsworth East's Labour Councillor, Barbara Dawson, who died earlier this month

Independent candidate takes Saddleworth Parish Council veteran's place in Oldham local elections following his death 

Oldham Council Elections 2012 results: Labour win nine extra seats bringing total to fifteen

Fighting erupts between opposing party supporters outside Oldham council elections count following results announcment

Oldham Council Elections 2012 round-up: Labour landslide victory sees Conservative seats reduced to just two


Rochdale Metropolitan Council  Rochdale Metropolitan Council

Reporting: Nicholas Watmough, Darren Heath & Jack Drummond

Power cut at Rochdale local election count puts councillors and journalists temporarily in the dark

VIDEO: Power cut at Rochdale City Hall during local election forces councillors and press out of counting area

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Rochdale plays the waiting game as council chiefs seek electricity assurances

VIDEO: Counting continues at Rochdale City Hall after power cut halts council election

'Rochdale is ruined', claims sole English Democrat candidate, blaming low turnout on three main parties

Independent Rochdale council election candidate 'does not believe in party politics'

National Front candidate hopes lacklustre Labour win in council elections may 'spur more radical policies' for Rochdale

Rochdale Labour supporter tears up membership card and calls for 'fresh blood' in local elections

Low turnout dampens mood for Rochdale council elections, as Conservatives expect to hold Wardle and Littlebrough

Milnrow and Newhey's Labour candidate wins, yet admits he nearly didn't bother showing up to Rochdale election results

Proud Labour candidate clinches local election victory over Tory in Rochdale seat

Rochdale Council Elections 2012 round-up: Labour joy continues in Rochdale as party snatch 17 of the 20 seats contested


   Bolton Council

Reporting: Carrie Smith & Shanna McGoldrick

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Bolton Council preview

Tory activist slams Bolton's Labour councillors for 'taking focus away from local issues' during council election campaign

Green Party hope funding problems didn't stop message getting across to voters, while awaiting election results 

Labour take first three seats in Bolton as Lib Dems slip behind BNP in one ward

Bolton councillors blame national politics for voter apathy in local elections 

Liberal Democrats crushed in Bolton by Greens and BNP

Bolton Council Elections 2012 round-up: Greens and BNP steal votes from Liberal Democrats, as Labour keep hold


Wigan Metropolitan Council

Reporting: Mihaela Ivantcheva, Adam Ryder & Lucy Hilton

LOCAL ELECTIONS 2012: Early indications of low polling station turnout in Wigan but increase in postal votes

Wigan Conservative candidate says economic crisis has made voters more politically volatile in the local elections

Ex-Young Labour leader standing as Wigan independent candidate says former party won't win Atherton seat in local elections

Labour narrowly avoids defeat in Wigan's Atherleigh ward after facing opposition from independent candidates

Former Young Labour leader becomes youngest Wigan Councillor as independent candidate

Wigan Council Elections 2012 round-up: Few shocks as Labour hold firm despite strong challenge from rivals

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