Updated: Tuesday, 19th February 2019 @ 6:14am

Piccadilly Pulse: Bradley Wiggins debate – should it be compulsory for cyclists to wear helmets?

Piccadilly Pulse: Bradley Wiggins debate – should it be compulsory for cyclists to wear helmets?

By Christopher Wosu & Gabriella Swirling

Following the death of a 28-year-old cyclist in London, who collided with an Olympic media bus, gold medallist Bradley Wiggins is calling for more cyclists to wear helmets.

Contrary to original reports which stated that Wiggins had called for helmets to be compulsory when riding a bike, he has since clarified on Twitter that he was merely suggesting it might be a good idea.

He Tweeted: "Just to confirm I haven't called for helmets to be made the law as reports suggest.

"I suggested it may be the way to go to give cyclists more protection legally I (sic) involved In an accident.

"I wasn't on me soap box CALLING, was asked what I thought #myopiniondoesntcountformuch

News of the fatality was brought to the attention of the Tour de France winner as he was on the verge of giving a press conference, following his gold medal win in the Olympic men’s time trial.

It has not yet been revealed whether the man was wearing a helmet however Wiggins suggests that forcing cyclists to take precautions could make the road a safer place.

So with the news of the tragedy still at the forefront of people’s minds, MM took to the streets to ask:

Do you agree with Wiggins that cyclists should wear helmets?







Here’s what you had to say:

Dan Scott, 25, Self Employed Trader, City Centre, said: “I’m a cyclist myself. Wiggins is an inspiration and role model – and possibly a business model for the economy in the retail sector.

“He could boost sales in that environment where selling helmets would previously have been difficult to sell.

“He’s also a good figurehead to boost North West cycle routes.”

Neil Nelson, 53, IT Consultant, South Manchester, said: “It’s in people’s best interest to stay safe.”

Peter Jemmett, 40, Shop Assistant, Belle-Vue, said: “I think it’s a good idea.”

Michele, 42, Learning Disability Nurse, City Centre, said: “I don’t cycle, but it’s a good idea.”

Susan Cooke, 66, Retired, City Centre, said: “I think it’s definitely the way forward following news like that.”

Holmes, 60, Engineer, City Centre, said: “It should be properly standardised.’

July Edwards, 59, Creative Practitioner, City Centre, said: “Well yes, it just makes sense.”

Michelle, 41, Trainer, City Centre, said: “No I think people deserve a choice.”

Mike Knowles, 40, Filmmaker, City Centre said: “Well, if Wiggins says so, it’s definitely a good idea, he knows what he’s talking about.”

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