Updated: Saturday, 15th August 2020 @ 6:31am

Manchester Green Party rubbishes weekly bin collection plans, branding them a 'gimmick'

Manchester Green Party rubbishes weekly bin collection plans, branding them a 'gimmick'

By Stephen Sumner

The leader of the Manchester Green Party has rubbished the government’s £250m pledge to bring back the city's weekly bin collections.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has announced that councils where general waste collections are made once a fortnight will be given money to reintroduce a weekly cycle.

Manchester City Council over switched from weekly to fortnight collections earlier this year although latest figures show that at least half of British homes have lost their weekly general waste collection.

Councils will have to guarantee weekly collections for five years to qualify for funding. This comes at a time of funding cuts for health and the arts.

Mr Pickles said it is a “basic right” for householders to have their waste collected every week.

He said: “Middle England has been squeezed. It’s time to understand there’s a limit to what Middle England will take.”

But, here in Manchester, the idea has been described as a gimmick.

Brian Candeland , chairman of the Manchester Green Party, said: “This is a gimmick on the eve of the Tory party conference in this city to please sections of the tabloid press..

“There is no extra money for children, health or youth services, yet the government has found a quarter of a billion for a measure that is not only unnecessary but which destroys any pretense of a green approach to waste.”

Mr Pickles suggested that councils should improve recycling facilities by introducing technologies which prevent recyclable items going to landfill by sorting rubbish.

He said: “The truth is that it’s possible to protect and enhance the environment and encourage people to do the right thing, while also adopting a sensible approach to dealing with waste.”

Mr Candeland said: “Bringing back weekly bin collections does nothing to reduce the amount of waste produced in the first place and will encourage so-called co-mingling of wastes, which reduces the quality of recycling.”

Mr Pickles and his Tory colleagues are in Manchester this week for the Conservative Party Conference.