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'Real life Sherlock Holmes' on mind reading and Britain's Got Talent ahead of Lowry gig

'Real life Sherlock Holmes' on mind reading and Britain's Got Talent ahead of Lowry gig

| By Adam Payne

Most performers take decades to become masters of their craft, but the same cannot be said of forensic mind reader Colin Cloud.

Colin, who is set to appear at The Lowry on Wednesday night, has yet to reach his thirties, yet has been described as a ‘genius’, a ‘real life Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘one of the greatest thought readers  of all time’.

The Scot’s uncanny power of deduction has left the likes of Jonathan Ross and professional sceptics Penn and Teller baffled, and on Wednesday he plans to leave another audience scratching their heads.

On what exactly forensic mind reading is, Colin told MM: “I’d like to think it’s the grey area between fact and fiction.

“I’m very much inspired by Sherlock Holmes and the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, and my background is in criminal profiling and forensic science so I suppose they both inspire each other.”

Colin has performed at theatres, festivals and later this month will appear at the West End as part of The Illusionists Tour, but the mind reader insists he was never a born showman.

“When I was younger I was shy and reserved,” he admitted.

“If you had told me that by my early twenties I would be on stage in front of thousands of people I would have laughed at you.

“But, honestly, I’ve found that the bigger the audience the easier it is.

“When it’s one on one there’s more pressure but with a crowd of people you can pick and choose the best people for certain demonstrations.”

Colin’s act, among other things, sees him unravel the most impossible details of a person’s life, such as their first crush or previous night’s meal, from nothing more than a touch of their hand or look into their eyes.

He admits such power must be used carefully, and tries his best to use mind reading for entertainment purposes only.

“It’s a funny one,” he said.

“Early on, it was something that I didn’t really know how to switch off. I really don’t like to use it unless I need to or really want to."

On how soon into a date he’d reveal his talents, he joked: “I’d never tell them. I’d just manipulate them for life.”

Colin first caught the public eye as a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2012, where his trick left the notoriously hard-to-please Simon Cowell exclaiming ‘how the hell did he do that?’

“Initially the challenge was to get four yes’ and that came off,” Colin said.

“Appearing on the show also helped promote a comedy sketch show I was doing at the time.

“The show completely sold out and got great reviews, so looking back I am totally happy with how it went.”

Excitingly, Colin recently signed a deal with NBC Universal and work is underway in the US on his first TV series.

“Audiences in America are less inclined to hide emotions,” he told MM.

“It takes people in the UK a little longer to relax and realise that they can react. It is interesting. UK audiences are certainly more reserved.

“A huge part of the fun of it is getting people to come out of their shell and immerse themselves fully in the experience.”

Colin’s current tour is taking him across the country, from London to Aberdeen, and will stop off at The Lowry, Salford this week.

With a West End show just weeks away and a TV series in the pipeline, Colin Cloud could soon be elevated to heights enjoyed by fellow mentalist Derren Brown.

“I see the compliments and reviews as a huge compliment to the whole live experience and importantly the whole team,” he said.

“I am utterly delighted with it all and long may it continue.”

Colin Cloud will perform at The Lowry on November 4. 

Image courtesy of Studiio Penicuik-DonJack, with thanks