Updated: Thursday, 9th July 2020 @ 8:21am

My Big Mouth: Sir Alex Ferguson is a one off

My Big Mouth: Sir Alex Ferguson is a one off

By Andrew Little

This Sunday sees Sir Alex Ferguson clock up 25 years at the helm of Manchester United.

During this time he has become the most successful British manager of all time and has earned legendary status within the footballing world.

He his overall total of 37 title wins is unsurpassed by any manager, as is his record of 12 league titles.

However, his tenure did not start in auspicious circumstances. His first game in charge saw his team lose 2-0 away at lowly Oxford United and during his first three seasons United twice finished in 11th position.

The demand for immediate results from today’s tyrannical club owners means that it is likely that the great man would probably have been dismissed from his post had he been starting his career now.

There would be no records; no legacy; and definitely no knighthood.

It seems inconceivable that current managers Andre Villas-Boas or Kenny Dalglish would retain their high-profile posts if they were to record similar starts to Sir Alex’s.

Last year Roy Hodgson was unceremoniously dismissed six months into his tenure at Liverpool with the club lounging in 12th position in the league– despite being reigning LMA Manager of the Year.

And there are countless other managers who have suffered a similar fate.

I (as a Liverpool fan) believe that every football fan should respect and celebrate Sir Alex’s quarter century, whoever you support – because after all, we’re not likely to see anyone achieve this again.