Updated: Saturday, 23rd June 2018 @ 7:52am

Rochdale drug gang worth £750,000 brought to justice after painstaking two-year investigation

Rochdale drug gang worth £750,000 brought to justice after painstaking two-year investigation

By Andrew Bardsley

A drugs ring worth over £750,000 which supplied heroin and crack cocaine onto the streets of Rochdale has been brought down after a two year investigation.

Aadil Ahmed, 30, of Sparthfield Avenue, described as a major drug dealer in the town, was jailed for eight years and three months after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Two of his accomplices were also sentenced including Ahmed’s sister Aneela, 29, who was found guilty of converting criminal property and ordered to undertake 200 hours of unpaid work.

PC Gabriel Gibson, Investigating Officer, said: "Today is the result of painstaking police work by officers to unmask this drugs ring and bring one of Rochdale's most senior drug dealers to justice.
"The successful prosecution of Ahmed is an absolutely fantastic result for the communities of Rochdale and means a man who persistently flooded the streets of Rochdale with crack cocaine and heroin can no longer do any more damage.

Grant Hartley, 31, of Stoneyvale Court, was also charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and dangerous driving and sentenced to three years in prison.

Ahmed’s crimes provided him a life of luxury, going on expensive holidays and buying powerful cars.

But Greater Manchester Police were able to seize drugs with a street value of £750,000, luxury cars and more than £5,300 in cash through Operation Tremor.

"It is people like Ahmed who are responsible for creating this cycle of misery.

“He clearly thought nothing of the consequences of selling drugs, he simply wanted to line his own pockets so he could enjoy all the trappings of criminality, as evidenced by his jet set lifestyle and fondness for expensive cars despite not paying any income tax.

“That is an insult to hard working people who I'm sure will be delighted seeing him imprisoned for such a long time.”
PC Gibson said he was grateful to the public for providing the police with tip offs and offered advice to anyone concerned that drug dealers may be operating in their area.

“Look out for tell-tale signs such as properties which always have the curtains drawn, appear to be vacant yet are frequented by numerous different visitors, dustbins not put out, unusual smells etc and if you are suspicious, then please call us."

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