Updated: Wednesday, 19th February 2020 @ 11:35am

'Speaks volumes': George Osborne's 'stupid' disabled car parking error slammed by Manchester MP

'Speaks volumes': George Osborne's 'stupid' disabled car parking error slammed by Manchester MP

By Matt Scrafton

Manchester MP Lucy Powell slammed Chancellor George Osborne’s ethics this afternoon after his official car was photographed in a disabled parking space.

The picture, published by the Daily Mirror, shows the Tory MP standing next to his Land Rover in a clearly marked disabled space at a service station in Newport.

The incident comes in the wake of the government’s heavily publicised welfare reforms that will reportedly cost disabled people £28.3billion in support by 2018.

Mrs Powell said: “It’s one of those stupid errors which speak volumes to the public.

“It’s come after he was found on public transport trying to travel on first class. It’s probably not the best PR for the guy, is it?”

Conservative sources have claimed Mr Osborne was in McDonalds, and was not aware his personal chauffeur had parked in the restricted bay.

According to the disability charity Scope, 3.7million people will be affected by the government’s welfare cuts.

The Chancellor has also made the headlines this week for suggesting a debate needed to take place about benefits in the wake of the case of child killer Mick Philpott.

Mrs Powell was critical of the reforms, saying although she might agree with some analysis of the problems, she doesn’t agree with any of the coalition’s policies.

She added: “Whether it’s social housing or its getting people back into work, they are issues that require very long-term strategies that bring together a whole host of factors.

“You can’t just penalise those who are the most poorest and needy in society.

“What we’re finding, particularly with the bedroom tax, it’s not just going to leave people destitute and desperate, it’s actually going to cost the country more money.”

Picture courtesy of Mancunion, with thanks.

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