Updated: Thursday, 13th August 2020 @ 11:08am

Breaking Bad characters to be immortalised in Northern Quarter Cord bar 'live' graffiti mural painting

Breaking Bad characters to be immortalised in Northern Quarter Cord bar 'live' graffiti mural painting

By Tim Hyde

American cult hit drama Breaking Bad will be immortalised in spray paint on the side of a Northern Quarter bar next week.

Cord’s 30ft side wall will be decorated with portraits of various Breaking Bad characters in front of a live audience on September 12 to celebrate the show’s final season.

Sarah Mahew, the artist behind the Walter White portrait, [not the street art] will complete the mural with three other artists while visitors enjoy themed cocktails, snacks and a Breaking Bad quiz.

Bradlie Houldsworth PR manager for Cord bar said: “I think [the graffiti] is great, it is definitely better than what other graffiti would be on the walls.”

“Also it is a good talking point for the area and keeps the streets busy which is good for business.

“The Graffiti works have made a big impact and now people are coming to the area just to see them, the works have brightened up the Northern Quarter.”

Breaking Bad artwork in Manchester’s Northern Quarter has received mixed reviews with some applauding the artistry and others condemning the tribute so close to where two men were arrested in 2011 for allegedly running a crystal meth lab.

“To deliberately choose to put this piece up as a tribute, at the site of a notorious crystal meth lab is hugely insensitive to say the least,” one said.

“[I] can't think of a bigger slap in the face to those that actually live in this community.”

MM spoke to Manchester residents who will regularly pass the artwork and many viewed it in a much more positive light.

Oldham resident Philip Hardy, 24, said: “They’re quite good – I don’t take drugs but I can quite happily enjoy the show.”

Carl Roland, 34, a store worker from Manchester, pointed out there are worse things to do to a wall: “I don’t see a problem. It’s better than crappy graffiti, it’s art.”

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