Updated: Friday, 10th July 2020 @ 7:36am

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry: Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini hulks out at reporters' Monaco probe

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry: Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini hulks out at reporters' Monaco probe

By Dean Wilkins

Roberto Mancini has unleashed his pent up anger after being asked to explain his decision to speak with Monaco about a potential move away from Manchester City.

The Italian crank attacked media questions about his dealings with the French side after he admitted that he was ‘close to seven or eight teams’ last season.

And despite signing a new five-year contract with the Blues – after leading them to their first-ever Premier League title – speculation surrounding Mancini’s position has been growing alongside rumours of a split dressing room.

When asked for clarification about his comments, Mancini said: "I don't understand why you continue to ask me [about] last year, last month. This is finished.

"Why? Why, for what reasons? Why do you continue to ask me, 'Last year you had a chance to go'?

"I stay here because my work is here and I worked for two years. I built this team with the chairman and the owner. We won three trophies in two years. For 50 years we didn't win. Never."

Mancini lifted his first trophy, the FA Cup, in 2011 after beating Stoke City 1-0 in the final – but the win was made sweeter after knocking bitter rivals Manchester United out in the previous round.

And the Blues snatched the Premier League title for their rivals’ hands again after an unforgettable 3-2 injury-time victory over QPR on the last day of the season.

With the Community Shield under their belt this season, City are failing to reinvigorate their showing in the Champions League – the Blues have one point from their first three games and host Ajax tomorrow.

But Mancini’s focus was wavering at his press conference this morning as he slammed his fist down on the table and continued his scathing outbreak against reporters.

"You need to have respect for the people sometimes,” said the former Inter Milan boss.

"I don't understand why you continue to ask me this. Why?

"You asked me one question. I am polite because I answered your questions.

"I didn't answer because I was there to talk about West Ham. I am polite because I answered, I said it is true – every year I can have two or three new situations where I can go – I want to stay here.”

Mancini usurped Mark Hughes as the man in charge at the Etihad Stadium in December 2009 and insisted that his work will not be cast aside so easily.

"I decided to stay here because I worked for two-and-a-half years, I worked hard,” he added.

"The future will be easy because when you have a new team the strong work is the first few years when you need to build your team.

"But we won three trophies in two years. I think you should have respect for this, for me, for the club, for the players. I don't understand why every time we talk about this."

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