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Son of Manchester pub landlord jailed after 'seeing red' and assaulting neighbour over paedophile slur

Son of Manchester pub landlord jailed after 'seeing red' and assaulting neighbour over paedophile slur

By Ben Ireland & Henry Vaughan

A neighbourhood car-parking dispute escalated into a bitter feud that saw the son of a former Manchester pub landlord jailed for assault today.

David John Doughty, 26, from Denton, was sentenced to nine months in prison, while father David Doughty, 52, received a nine-month sentence, suspended for six months, and was ordered to complete 450 hours of unpaid work.

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard that the assault took place on June 21 last year at around 11.30pm on Annan Street, near the Silver Springs pub, where Doughty senior was landlord at the time.

Doughty junior repeatedly punched Michael Berkow in the head, knocking him unconscious.

In mitigation, the defence counsel alleged that during an abusive exchange with the victim, Doughty junior ‘saw red’ after being called a paedophile.

Doughty junior was walking his dog when he saw Mr Berkow and words were exchanged.

The younger Doughty followed the victim to his Annan St home, where he kicked and punched the door before engaging in a struggle with the victim inside the property.

CCTV showed Doughty senior run across to the scene and enter the house, before both defendants left.

Mr Berkow then emerged into the middle of the street where he was assaulted by Doughty junior, who punched him in the head several times.

With the victim on the floor, Doughty senior kicked him in the midriff, the last blow coming after he lost consciousness.

The feud began in November 2010 and worsened over time with Doughty reporting a number of incidents to police, who did not pursue charges.

“That friction between the parties had been simmering all along,” said Judge Khokar.

When sentencing Doughty junior, he said: “It’s not simply to punish you, but to help deter others from behaving this way in a public place.”

He added: “It is not justification for anyone to take the law into their own hands, as happened in this particular case.”

When father and son were arrested, Doughty senior told police: “I want him done for assault. He was beating up his girlfriend and my son was sorting it out and I went to help him out and that fat bastard put his hand in my mouth and tried to rip my lip off.”

The victim suffered a haematoma to the right of his forehead, along with bruising and swelling below the eyes, lacerations and blood clots to the nose and lacerations to the inner lower lip.

Judge Khokhar said Mr Berkow was ‘lucky’ that injuries were not as serious as they could have been, and doctors confirmed suspected permanent scars were pre-existing.

Judge Khokhar received letters from friends and family of each defendant, citing their good character.

‘Family man’ Doughty senior, who was landlord of Silver Springs for ten years, has since moved away from the area and this was noted by Judge Khokhar as an attempt to put an end to the feud.

He gave up his lease – to the cost of £70,000 – and has been ordered to pay compensation of £600 to the victim.

Picture courtesy of Colin Smith via Wiki Commons, with thanks.

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