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The real Karate Kid: Rochdale boy, 7, kicks way into record books becoming Britain's youngest black belt... hiiii-ya!

The real Karate Kid: Rochdale boy, 7, kicks way into record books becoming Britain's youngest black belt... hiiii-ya!

By Ian Mitchelmore

Would the real Karate Kid please stand up... meet Troy Swanick, the record-smashing schoolboy who is Britain's youngest black belt.

The schoolboy bashed his way into the record books only weeks before his eighth birthday after completing a gruelling three-hour karate black belt exam.

Troy, who lives with mum Venecia, 46 and dad Paul, 41, at their family home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, passed the test with flying colours after showcasing his jaw-dropping moves to examiners.

The youngster took up karate at the age of five at the Kaizen-Do karate Black Belt Academy in Rochdale and he has been the king of the arena ever since.

FIERCE! Troy unleashing the fury at his dojo (Mercury Press)

After finishing his homework, the multi-talented karate kid trains for around nine hours every week, as well as attending stage school every Sunday to polish off his acting skills.

HIGH FLYER: The youngster showing off his skills (Mercury Press)

He is hoping to continue his rapid rise from schoolboy to karate hero by winning gold medals in tournaments when he leaves school.

Troy said: "I was really tired after the exam but I was very happy because I'm the youngest black belt in the country.

IT'S OFFICIAL: A certificate showing Troy's achievement (Mercury Press)

"All of my friends in school are really jealous but I think it's pretty easy if you work hard every day.

"One day I hope I can win some gold medals in karate and make my mum and dad proud."

His dad, Paul, regularly trains with Troy at the academy but admits he struggles to keep up with his high-flying son.

PROUD FAMILY: Troy with his parents (Mercury Press)

Retail general manager Paul commented: "It was a fantastic feeling for the whole family when we found out that Troy was the youngest black belt in the country.

"I'm incredibly proud of what he's achieved from such a young age.

"He goes to a stage school once a week, as well as training for around nine hours a week, and all of that is on top of his school work so he has a lot on the go.

"I used to do a bit of karate when I was younger which is why I got Troy into it but he's way ahead of me. I don't think I'll challenge him to a contest any time soon.

"I've always felt that karate is one of the best ways to educate young people and to keep fit and disciplined so I'm glad Troy's enjoying it so much."

The youngster's Kaizen-Do karate coach Sensei Dervish, who has guided the youngster through the ranks, revealed he stood out from the crowd at an early age.

DEDICATION: Troy with Sensei Dervish (Mercury Press)

He said: "He always turns up for training sessions and his discipline is second to none so I'm immensely proud of his achievements.

"He's always been a well-mannered young man ever since he joined the club which is testament to his parents and he doesn't let the record go to his head.

"Troy desperately wants to become a Grand Master and if he carries on working hard like he has done so far then he'll go very far."

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