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Retro reproduction clothing company vows to provide plus size fashion at slimmed-down price

Retro reproduction clothing company vows to provide plus size fashion at slimmed-down price

By Helen Le Caplain

The old adage what goes around comes around not only applies to karmic retribution but also the fashions worn throughout the decades.

Whether you’re a vintage fashion aficionado, happy rummaging through rails of clothes at a jumble sale or a strictly high street kind of gal, chances are you’ll be wearing something with a retro element.

Over the last few seasons vintage influences such as midi skirts, high waisted trousers and tea dresses, have sashayed down the catwalk and trickled down to the high street.

And with Baz Luhrmann’s lavish production of The Great Gatsby, high street stores have been quick to replicate the 1920s styles worn by Leonardo Di Caprio and Carey Mulligan.

But it’s not just the high street that is selling retro-inspired attire, there are many vintage reproduction clothing companies embracing this retro revival and creating beautiful pieces that take inspiration from the past.

Very Cherry Retro is a North West-based shop that sells rockabilly 1950s-inspired clothing and accessories.

Jo Pritchard embarked on a one-woman crusade to bring affordable vintage reproduction pieces, both day and evening wear, to the masses last year.

“I have a general interest in 40s and 50s fashion as it suits my shape and build,” Jo explained.

“There are few well known UK and US fashion labels but they’re very expensive and are outside of my normal day-to-day price bracket.”

It was after she was given a reproduction dress as a gift, with a label she didn’t recognise, that she researched the brand.

Jo discovered that the style of tops, dresses and trousers were only available to buy as wholesale stock, but still worked out as good value for money.

“It opened a whole new world of suppliers and designers that were great quality and were absolutely beautiful dresses which wear and wash really well,” she said.

“All the items I sell are high quality and I only ever sell things I would be happy to wear myself.”

The Very Cherry Retro founder is adamant that all customers should pay the same for an item of clothing regardless of its size.

She said: “I’m very tall and to get vintage look that fit my proportion I need to buy slightly longer outfits.

    MAD MEN: 1950s and 1960s-inspired Very Cherry Retro looks

“It infuriates me when people are made to pay more for the same dress if they happen to be a size 24 rather than a size 8.

"That's why all my stock is priced the same regardless of the size.”

And it seems she has struck reproduction gold with customers flocking to the online store and pop-up boutique in Liverpool.

"It seems word is getting round as I've got people approaching me and asking where I'm next going to take the pop-up shop, which is great!" she explained.

There's something for the boys too with a range of t-shirts and 'Elvis' workshirts – perfect for recreating the rockabilly look.

For more information about the range visit http://verycherryretro.com/

Photograph courtesy of Warren Millar Photography, with thanks

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