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Northern Quarter gets another slice of its 'Little Italy' heritage as La Pizzeria Ristorante opens – for one month only

Northern Quarter gets another slice of its 'Little Italy' heritage as La Pizzeria Ristorante opens – for one month only

By Tim Hyde

Another slice of Italy is coming to Manchester, as La Pizzeria Ristorante opens in the Northern Quarter this week.

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The Italian restaurant, which opens on Friday August 9, combines classic Italian recipes and décor in a bid to create an affordable but authentic dining experience.

With a clear nod to the Northern Quarter’s own history – formerly known as ‘Little Italy’ – the pizzeria is tipped to be the summer hit, as it is only open until September 7.

During the nineteenth century, the Northern Quarter and Ancoats was home to many north west Italians who flocked to Manchester as an industrial hub.

And now La Pizzeria Ristorante expects to bring a little of that Italian magic back, as it opens above NQ favourite The Market Restaurant.

Chris Alexander, general manager of La Pizzeria Ristorante, said: “We're very excited to open our door to our special trial eaterie.

“We know that our pizzas will be a massive hit due to their great flavours and fantastic quality bases. There’s no other offering like this in the Northern Quarter and we’re hoping it will be a great success.”

The restaurant offers basic Italian favourites on a set menu where evening diners can enjoy a starter, pizza, salad, dessert and drink of choice for just £10.

The menu is basic but it does offer a choice of two classic pizza bases – one thin and crisp, the other, deep and fluffy on the inside.

To lure in customers they offer pizzas with Italian inspired toppings including mozzarella, pepperoni and Mediterranean vegetables.

The restaurant promises authentic Italian beers and wines which along with its simple menu and pricing is likely to attract customers.

The menu offers indulgencies such as home-made Italian inspired ice creams – that are made locally in the Northern Quarter by a traditional ice cream producer using a family recipe.

Another option is to opt for the lighter set menus for lunch which are priced at just £4 for a pizza, salad and drink and children’s meals with a smaller pizza, dessert and drink are only £3.50. 

La Pizzeria Ristorante is open Monday to Saturday from 12 and closes at 9.30pm daily.

Address is 1st Floor, 104 High Street, Manchester, M4 1HQ  

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