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Artist of the week: Manchester artist credits grandfather for ‘passionate’ portraits that capture the individual

Artist of the week: Manchester artist credits grandfather for ‘passionate’ portraits that capture the individual

By Arandeep Singh Dhillon

From drawing and painting to making dresses for her dolls as a youngster, Manchester artist Kirsty K Latham has always been creative.

After being inspired to take up art by her great grandfather, Kirsty has developed into a self-taught portrait artist with a unique style of work.

“From the age that I was capable of making things, I did. It comes naturally to me to have a go at making things myself, rather than going straight out to buy them. It is instinctive to me to be creatively independent,” she said.

Though Kirsty, 27, has grown up with a passion for art, she believes living in Manchester has played a big part in providing her with the spark to light up the canvas.

She said: “From being a kid I had a passion for drawing people and was passionate when carrying out textiles at college.

“Being from a working class city, with such a cosmopolitan facade, has inspired within me a curiosity to look beneath the surface and explore what lies there.

“I paint portraits but I am also passionate about the subjects that I choose to paint.

“I research their lives and their history. The artwork that I create may be just a portrait but I like to think that maybe a little of what I've learned of the subjects life and work could be in there too, within the layers of paint."

Kirsty has also worked as a life model for the past six years including for Manchester Metropolitan and Salford University, whilst in recent times was commissioned to produce portraits for ESPN after gaining recognition of her work from the company’s Creative Director in America.

The artist showcased her skill under pressure at last Thursday’s Manchester Art Battle in the Northern Quarter, which saw David Goodwin announced as the event’s first champion who is to donate his winnings to charity.

She now turns her attention to her future projects including two exhibitions that she is currently working on for next year possibly taking place in central Manchester.

“I am always thinking of new ideas for my work. I am currently putting together project proposals for two future exhibitions," she said.

“One of which will be focused on genres of black music. I am hoping to have the work completed for next spring. I will be updating my Facebook page with the details."

Kirsty's work can be found here.

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