Updated: Saturday, 23rd June 2018 @ 7:52am

Tesco reject rivals Sainsbury’s decision to change Tiger bread to Giraffe

Tesco reject rivals Sainsbury’s decision to change Tiger bread to Giraffe

By Jessica Elliot

Supermarket giant Tesco are refusing to follow suit after rivals Sainsbury’s change their tiger bread to giraffe bread, following the advice of a three-year-old girl.

Lily Robinson noticed the pattern on the bread resembled the spots on a giraffe more than the stripes of a tiger and wrote to Sainsbury’s voicing her opinion in May last year.

It seems, however, other supermarkets are not taking up Lily's idea.

A spokesperson from Tesco declined to comment on Giraffe bread but did confirm that they had ‘no plans to change the name of their tiger bread in the near future’.

A representative for Asda said: "Our bakers invented tiger bread ten years ago and our younger shoppers came up with the name Tiger Paws for our rolls. We’ve even sponsored a new tiger viewing platform at Chester Zoo. Our shoppers, young and old, love to pounce on our tiger bread and they think the name is purrfect.”

The newly named bread is available in every large Sainsbury’s including the Fallowfield store in Manchester where the change has proved popular.

Ruth Massie, 25, student nurse, Fallowfield said: "Sainsbury’s could not have asked for better publicity and they will have undoubtedly boosted their sales of the bread but I agree with Lily, who thought it looked more like a tiger in the first place?"

Dan Burke, 32, barman, Withington, said: "I saw this on Facebook a while ago, I thought it was hilarious! It probably wouldn't make me buy it just because of a name change but I think Sainsbury’s response is good."

Giraffe bread became a popular idea after Lily's mother posted the Sainsbury’s customer service response on her blog and the exchange between her daughter and staff began trending on Twitter. The photo of the letters was shared over 48,000 times on Facebook and had over 150,000 likes.

Sainsbury's are currently welcoming emails on the idea of giraffe bread and say they are monitoring responses for the time being.

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