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Is Manchester a 'pocket of opportunity' for job seekers in UK? Employment charity dismisses rosy outlook

Is Manchester a 'pocket of opportunity' for job seekers in UK? Employment charity dismisses rosy outlook

By Sam Richardson

Manchester is being described as a ‘real pocket of opportunity’ for job seekers – while much of the UK struggles, according to recent research.

The research by Adzuna outlines ‘clear signs’ of improvement in the labour market this month, however describes the situation nationally as while people are keen to work, opportunities are scarce.

Among the most badly affected cities are Sunderland and Hull, with 37 and 51 job applications for each position.

Manchester, on the other hand, is bucking the trend according to the report, with an average amount of jobseekers for each vacancy at only 2.88.

British statistician and economist Simon Briscoe said: "Market analysts, policy makers and commentators should be delighted to see this additional job market data becoming available.

“Confusion is rife about the state of the labour market – which seems to be so much stronger than GDP figures would suggest – so this extra insight is most welcome."

These figures would put Manchester in the top ten cities in the UK for finding a job, along with Aberdeen.

However, Linda Dean, Managing Director of Rathbone, a UK-wide voluntary youth sector organisation, does not agree that the figures represent an accurate reflection of the job market in Manchester.

She said: “The young people Rathbone works with are continuing to find it hard to gain employment and are still applying for literally hundreds of jobs and not receiving any response.

“Our trainees, who come largely from disadvantaged areas of Manchester, have noticed a small increase in call centre and cold-calling posts, plus more placements and apprenticeship roles. Unfortunately, they are competing against people with years of experience and graduates who are moving into professions like retail because they can’t find employment elsewhere.

“There has certainly been no increase in entry level jobs and the downturn in construction has had a big effect on our young people.

“The advice we are giving to jobless youngsters is to come to an organisation like Rathbone and at least boost your chances of employment by creating a CV packed full of skills, qualifications and work experience.”

Greg Boudin, who until last week was unemployed in Manchester, said: “It is not all doom and gloom, but it is worth pointing out that most job opportunities are part time, and not much at all is long term.”

For more information visit www.adzuna.co.uk/jobs or www.adzuna.co.uk/jobs/manchester#stats

Picture courtesy of Helen Cobain, with thanks.

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