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¡Viva! Festival cinema review: Primos @ Cornerhouse

¡Viva! Festival cinema review: Primos @ Cornerhouse

By Charlotte Dobson

If you’re looking for a comedy to brighten up a rainy Manchester day, Primos (Cousinhood) is the film to watch at this year’s ¡Viva! film festival.

Spanish director Arévalo has followed up his 2011 box office hit Gordos with a gem of a warm-hearted comedy, described by the director himself as a ‘treatise on male stupidity.’

Groom-to-be and mad romantic Diego (Quim Gutierrez) is dumped by his beloved fiancée just days before his big day, with the film opening at the would-be alter of his wedding.

With only his two cousins Julián (Raul Arevalo) and José Miguel (Adrian Lastra) to comfort him, the thirty-somethings whisk Diego off to the sea-side village of their childhood where the groom first ‘dunked his donut’ with his summer sweetheart Martina.

After much jostling from his womaniser cousin Julian, rebounder Diego tries to rekindle the flames of passion with his teenage-lover Martina while Julian attempts to woo local prostitute Clara (Clara Lago) and hypochondriac José checks his ever-racing heart-rate.

At first, Primos, might seem like a Spanish alternative to the American bachelor-focussed comedies with its slap-stick gags and absurdity.

But after 10 minutes in, you’ll realise that director Arévalo is a master at light-hearted comedy and avoids the annoying in-your-face style of The Hangover movies.

The weeping, drinking, ‘balls like Spartacus’ and the Backstreet Boys dance (As Long as You Love Me classic) make this a medley of Spanish sunshine comedy.

Expect big laughs, great acting and big dose of the cheesy feel-good factor after watching this film.

It’ll make you want drop everything and hop on the first flight to Santander, or the seaside town of your own adolescence – unless it’s Skeggy or Blackpool.

All in all, Primos is the perfect antidote to your winter blues and another hit for the 18th Spanish and Latin American Film Festival at The Cornerhouse. Bravo Arévalo!

You can catch the second screening of Primos  on Saturday March 17.

To see the full calendar and buy tickets visit http://www.cornerhouse.org/viva2012.