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Love the way you (don't) lie: Manchester men among most honest online daters in UK, survey reveals

Love the way you (don't) lie: Manchester men among most honest online daters in UK, survey reveals

By Sarah Hodgson

Singletons playing the online dating game in Manchester are some of the most honest in the country, a survey claims.

Dating site WhatsYourPrice.com, which allows members to bid for their dates, released a survey about how often people lie on their online dating profiles.

The study asked 15,200 UK members, and Manchester came out in the top five in honesty.

The poll revealed that 82% of Manchester men are honest on their profiles, ranking them fourth highest in the country.

Manchester women came in at sixth with 78% being honest.

The study found that overall 34% of women and 21% of men lie on their online dating profiles.

Embellishments included in online profiles can range from small tweaks such as adding a few inches onto height to fabrications of fictional identities.

The study shows however, that women most frequently lie about their age and career, while men are most likely to lie about their height and career.

Founder and CEO of WhatsYourPrice.com Brandon Wade said: “It’s interesting, though not surprising, that men are lying about their careers.

“In this economy, it is very likely that a man is unsatisfied with his career, and might embellish his online dating profile as he would a resume to make himself more appealing.”

Dating expert Alex Mellor-Brook of Select Personal Introductions, Manchester, says that the survey shows how difficult the dating game has become.

He said: “It’s great that the guys in Manchester are doing so well in telling the truth.

“I can understand height being a point that guy’s lie about.

“It is one of the main criteria that would be high on a woman’s wish list.

“Fashion has a lot to do with this, as shoes get higher, women do not want to be towering over their guy.

“The great point about Select Personal Introductions is we are an off-line agency, so we meet most of our members and get feedback, so we keep tabs on any lies, if any, that may have been told.”

Mancunian Matters took to the streets of Manchester to get your opinions:

Helen Worth, 47, from Chorlton, said: “I said on my online profile that I wanted to meet a tall, professional man.

“I thought I had found my ideal match, but when we met he was a lot shorter than he said and was a dustbin man!”

Becky Burns, 22, from Hulme, said: “I don’t have lots of experience with internet dating but the Mancunians I have spoken to online have been very honest, but sometimes it’s a problem and they can be too honest!”

Emily Whitt, 22, from Didsbury, said: “My Mum decided to try internet dating, she met a guy online and they’ve been happily married now for a few years.”

Dennis Smith, 54, from Fallowfield, said: “You can’t trust anyone these days, especially online.

“I doubt that many men in Manchester are honest, they certainly aren’t in real life!

“It’s just like what you see on Jeremy Kyle.”

Carl Wessleman, 21, from Manchester, said: “I believe that the figures in the survey are probably true, why would they lie?”

Roy McCormick, 56, from Anchorage, said: “I don’t know anyone that internet dates, but then again I don’t think many would admit to it.  “Us men are always quite honest are, but women lie about all sorts.”

According to the study the least honest cities to find love in are London, where 39% of men lie, most commonly about their career and income; and Oxford where 38% of women lie on their online profiles, usually about their age and weight.

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