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MM’s top five... beautiful green spaces in Greater Manchester

MM’s top five... beautiful green spaces in Greater Manchester

By Daisy Yates

For those people who consider anywhere above Watford as 'the north' they may well believe that Greater Manchester is full of cobbles, flat hats and whippets.

The idea that it's grim up north is laughable to those of us who know and love the green spaces that Manchester has to offer.

So for anyone reading who fancies getting out of the house and embracing the outdoors, why not check out the places featuring in our very own top five beautiful green spaces in Manchester.

5. Sale Water Park

Combining action-packed water sports with tranquil meadows and footpaths, Sale Water Park offers the best of both worlds for a summer day out.  

Trafford Water Sports Centre borders the lake providing a variety of facilities and training in windsurfing and kayaking, among others.

The Water Park is also perfect for anglers, the lake is chock-full of fresh water fish and there’s a fisherman’s tale that a 32kg catfish is  lurking in its depths.

The Broad Ees Dole wetlands is the ideal spot for avid birdwatchers or those just wanting  to experience the beauty of British wildlife as the nature reserve is home to a diverse range of birds including kingfishers and grey herons.

Easily accessed by the M60 Sale Water Park makes an excellent family trip

4. Dunham Massey

Dunham Massey’s Georgian House is full of stories and scandals of the past which sparks the imaginations of its visitors from the moment they step foot in the property.

Any Bambi fans will be delighted to see Dunham’s deer herd lazily grazing on the grass.

The reserve spans over five acres and is home to foxes, rabbits and almost 60 different species of bird, on top of the approximate 150 fallow deer roaming the grounds.

As a National Trust property the car park and walkways can become congested in the summer months but due to the huge span of the park there is plenty of room for all visitors.

The on-site ice cream shop is an excellent way to recover and cool down after a busy day exploring the grounds.

3. Piccadilly Gardens

This small section of green space is nestled right in the hub of Manchester City Centre acting as an escape from the hustle and bustle of Mancunian streets.

With easy access to food, music and transport this is an ideal spot for lunch, and on those rare days that Manchester enjoys sunshine, it’s the perfect little suntrap.

The return of the Piccadilly Street Market means cupcakes, gourmet dishes and much more are easily available for very affordable prices.

2. Heaton Park

This park is the biggest in Greater Manchester spanning an area of approximately 600 acres.

Music fans will know it as the venue for epic music concerts including this summer’s Stone Roses gigs and The Parklife Weekender.

But for those who like the quieter things in life there is plenty to see including a veritable menagerie of animals, an exciting programme of autumn events and the general splendour of the great outdoors.

1. Lyme Park

This stunning Cheshire estate is nestled on the edge of the Peak District and is the place where thousands of hearts fluttered during that scene in the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice.

The iconic scene, which featured a devastatingly-handsome Firth emerging from the lake in a wet shirt, has gathered such a cult following that a 12ft statue of the mean and moody landowner now has, well,  pride of place there.

Those who are after a little more than giant statues have the opportunity to enjoy the 1,300 acres of green land which promises stunning views and interesting wildlife.

The beautiful gardens and fountains, along with the children’s play area and the huge expanse of land the park covers, means that every trip can offer something new and exciting to visitors.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Mancunian woman in possession of a National Trust card/a fiver must be in want of a day out at Lyme Park.

Image courtesy of BBC via YouTube, with thanks

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