Updated: Wednesday, 5th August 2020 @ 5:31pm

'We are all moved by Syria's plight': Stockport Council will not stand by as refugees die

'We are all moved by Syria's plight': Stockport Council will not stand by as refugees die

| By Adam Payne

Stockport's council leader is determined to accept more Syrian refugees but says her borough and all of Greater Manchester will need greater government support if they are to carry out this 'simple act of human compassion'. 

Lib Dem Sue Derbyshire claims that Stockport will be happy to aid refugees fleeing from civil war but support is needed from the national government in efforts.

In a statement released today, Cllr Derbyshire said: “We have all been moved by the plight of men, women and children simply trying to survive.

"The people of Stockport are generous and warm-hearted – we will not stand by and watch fellow human beings suffer and die when there is action we can take.

“Of the 12 million displaced people, a few hundred thousand have come to seek refuge in Europe and just a few thousand have so far come to the UK.

"It is a matter of simple human compassion that we do what we can to help until they are able to return to their own country.”

The council leader says she has been deeply moved by the response of Mancunians towards the refugee crisis and believes the area is ready and willing to take in more.

“The people of greater Manchester have shown great generosity and spirit towards the refugees and I’ve been very touched," she said.

“Around 140 refugee families have settled here in Stockport in the past and we’d be happy to welcome more.”

She was however keen to point out that the area will need increased government support if more refugees are to travel to the area in the near future.

“The current system of distribution has meant that Greater Manchester has already taken in large amounts of refugees and I believe that a national scheme must be put in place to support local councils," she said.

The councillor was quick to point out the flaws in Prime Minister David Cameron's heel-turn on the refugee crisis under pressure from the public

However she admitted that she was pleased to see him alter his stance on the issue.

She said: “I believe that the Prime Minister has been driven by circumstances rather than leadership.

He took a line in regards to refugee numbers that he has now completely changed – although of course I am glad to see the change.”

Derbyshire becomes the latest local politician to call on the government to play a greater role in alleviating the refugee crisis. 

Image courtesy of Stockport Council via. YouTube, with thanks.