Updated: Thursday, 12th December 2019 @ 5:54am

Residents evacuated as another derelict Manchester mill goes up in flames

Residents evacuated as another derelict Manchester mill goes up in flames

By Peter Stanners

Firefighters in Manchester were called to a blaze at a derelict three-storey mill at 12:44 yesterday afternoon.

Seven fire engines and over forty firemen battled the blaze well into the evening on the second and third floors of the building using water pumped from the bordering canal.

Local residents were temporarily evacuated from the scene when gas cylinders were found at the scene, though they were allowed to return when they were deemed a low risk.

The Fire Service’s spokesman on the scene, Paul Duggan, said there was no clear indication of what started the blaze at the mill on Cambrian road, a stones throw from the Manchester City Stadium.

While the fire ravaged the upper stories, he believed the building was likely to remain standing.

He said: “These brick buildings rarely collapse, they’re strong as heck.”

Despite this he explained they were tackling the blaze in defensive mode, dousing the flames from a distance.

The plume of smoke from the fire could be seen for miles around, drawing Phil Threader, a brick layer from Droylsdon, to investigate the scene.

Watching in safety on the far side of the canal he spoke of his sadness at seeing another mill go up in flames.

“These mills are a part of Manchester’s heritage,” he said. “It’s really tragic when one of these go.”

Arson has been linked to recent mill fires in Manchester, most notably the Bengal Mill fire in April 2009.

With the fire occurring the day after Bonfire Night, Mr Duggan stresses that there may be many causes for the fire.

He said: “The direct impact of the fire is that it diverts resources at one of the busiest times of the year when we are already very stretched.”