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Piccadilly Pulse: If you were to find out you had eaten horse meat, would it bother you?

Piccadilly Pulse: If you were to find out you had eaten horse meat, would it bother you?

By Alex Bysouth

The latest revelation in the horsemeat scandal to emerge were reports this week that Findus UK lasagnes contained up to 100% equine, but MM decided take to the streets of Manchester to find out how people really feel about eating horse...

Tesco, Lidl, Aldi and Iceland came under fire in January when ten million burgers suspected to contain contaminated meat had to be removed from their shelves.

Tesco and Aldi have now also removed frozen ready meals from French food supplier Comigel – producer of Findus ‘beef’ lasagne.

Horsemeat is sold legally in France and is said to be more tender, lower in fat and have a lower sugar content than beef, so are city centre carnivores bothered by the origin of their mince?

We asked: If you were to find out you had eaten horse meat, would it bother you?

Option Results
Yay 33%
Neigh 67%


While it seems the people of Piccadilly were not upset furlong over chomping down horsemeat, 28% of those who said they would not be bothered did admit they would prefer to have been made aware of what they were eating beforehand.

Sarah Alderton, a 21-year-old student from Chorlton, said: “Yes it would bother me personally, but I’m actually a vegetarian so right now I’m feeling pretty smug about it.”

Anna Warley, 19, student from West Didsbury, said: “No I think it’s pretty pathetic people are getting upset, it’s not going to hurt you is it? After all people in France and Holland eat it anyway.”

Michael Jones, 37, maintenance manager from Halifax, said: “Yes, well no, now I think about it, I don’t think I would even notice the difference, so it wouldn’t bother me, no.”

Retired Rochdale resident, 68-year-old Wendy Sibbons, said: “If people are eating it and have never even noticed then I don’t know why they are kicking up a fuss, but it is a bit a cheeky.”

Wendy’s friend, Joan Shelborne, 76, also retired from Rochdale, said: “My mum would have been delighted for a bit of horsemeat during the war, but I agree with Wendy, to tell people it was beef is wrong.”

Phillip Lever, 23, sales assistant, Salford, said: “I had one of those Findus meals and it was pretty tasty, I don’t know if it had horse in or not though, but I’m not sure whether serving horse is legal?”

Sheila Crome, 74, retired, Stockport said: “I think it’s terrible that they are giving you one thing and saying it’s a beef burger, I get most of my meat from the butchers anyway and I don’t plan to start eating ready meals.”

Picture courtesy of Trever Lowe, with thanks.

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