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Piccadilly Pulse: Should people be banned from smoking in cars with children present?

Piccadilly Pulse: Should people be banned from smoking in cars with children present?

By Sam Johnson

Banning smoking in cars with children is a controversial bill which has been backed by the Lords and is now winging its way to the House of Commons.

The idea behind the ban is to help reduce smoke-related illnesses such as asthma, emphysema and cancer in young people, however opponents believe that it is an authoritarian step too far.

Supporters of the bill state that the ban is not a tactic to punish smokers but merely to protect children.

MM took to the streets to ask the people of Manchester ‘Should we ban people smoking in cars with children present? 


Djamile Peroma, 29, a contract manager from the city centre, said: “Come on it’s obvious. We’re talking about children and their health – that should be a priority.”

Ian West, 40, a firefighter from Cumbria said: “Although I smoke on occasion, I wouldn’t want to do it in front of children anyway. It’s a bad influence and I don’t think it’s acceptable.”

Leslie, a retail assistant from Trafford said: “I’m a smoker and I don’t think it should be banned because I don’t feel there is much evidence to support passive smoking.”

Kathryn Wallace a 29-year-old a consultant from  Manchester : “I don’t understand the mentality of parents who would do that. T

“he effects of passive smoking are well known. I think there would be great difficulty in enforcing the ban though. I think it’s a simple case of morals rather than the legal side of it.”

Jacob, 27, a call centre worker from Reddish said: “Children shouldn’t have to passively smoke for anyone.”

Daniel Jackson, 22, a  graduate from Southport said it was a question of balance, he explained: “You can’t expect a child to be able to make a decision but I also think people should be able to smoke in their own vehicles if they want to – of course without children present would be ideal.”

Frank, 40, a banker based in Greater Manchester said: “It should be banned – children aren’t old enough to make a choice in that situation.”

Ali Iftikhar , 25, a Levenshulme bank worker said: “I made the choice to smoke, but children are more at risk of the health issues. We have a responsibility to not endanger them.”

Denholm Spurr, 24, an actor living in Rusholme said: “It’s wrong and should be banned. It’s just wrong to impose health risks on a person who has no control over the matter.”

April, a 21-year-old full-time mum from Newton and said: “I think I should be banned. I don’t like the idea of smoking anyway so why would I want my child to think differently?”

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