Updated: Friday, 5th June 2020 @ 4:07pm

Withington folk voice town versus gown concerns

Withington folk voice town versus gown concerns

by Beth Allcock


ROWDY students could find themselves in bother if a residents’ hotline gets off the ground.


Withington MP John Leech has proposed the helpline for exasperated householders – a move that attracted strong support at the recent “Withington 2015” public meeting.


Mr Leech said: “I’ve continually argued that there should be a 24 hour helpline so someone from the council can actually come out and witness the disruptive events for themselves.”


The meeting, organised by the Withington Civic Society and held at Withington Girls’ School, focused on students living in the area, prompting heated debate among the 160 residents present. There were also representatives of Manchester City Council and surrounding universities.


Following a previous meeting, The Manchester Student Strategy partnership between the council and universities has begun to specifically coincide with the return of students to the area.


The strategy has a central focus upon the collection and disposal of student rubbish, the renovation of student houses and a crackdown on fly-posting.


Despite the introduction of such measures, residents are still angered by “general drunken rowdiness” after student nights out.


However, some residents wanted to focus on building positive relationships with students, and were disappointed with the outcome of the meeting.


Tracy Brown, 44, said: “What I don’t appreciate is that tonight has been a complete and utter bash on students.”


Margaret Kirman, 65, added: “If we could work with the students it would be so much better. I have none of this aggro from them.”