Updated: Friday, 13th December 2019 @ 2:29am

Katie and Peter’s narrow miss in Manchester

Katie and Peter’s narrow miss in Manchester

By Tamsin Eames

Celeb divorcees Katie Price and Peter Andre both came to Manchester this weekend but miraculously, managed to narrowly avoid each other.

The two reality TV favourites separately visited the city to help plug the latest installments in their careers.

On Saturday, the former Mrs Andre signed copies of her fourth autobiography, You Only Live Once, in the elegant surroundings of Trafford Centre’s Selfridges, while ex hubby Peter performed new single, Defender, across town in the less glamorous environment of Asda at Sportcity.

Peter also switched on the Christmas lights at The Lowry Outlet Mall in Salford on Sunday.

But the battle of the ex’s winner was the bronzed Australian who had 2,500 frenzied fans crammed into Asda’s clothing section, George, compared to the 800 devotees that patiently waited to see the glamour model-turned-businesswoman.

Raven-haired beauty, Katie, 32, said “I’m really pleased with the turn out and that so many people came to show their support.”

And despite her huge success in previous autobiographies, children’s books and novels, Katie claimed not to care about sales.

She said that as long as people enjoy her books, that’s all that matters.

Dressed for wintry conditions in a black woolen mini-dress, fur-trimmed woolly Chanel Hat and furry boots, the mum-of-three arrived 35 minutes late to a sea of cameras and screams of “We love you Katie.”

Dedicated fan, Heidi Malkin, 18, travelled from Ireland to see her idol.

She said: “I persuaded my mum to come to Manchester to do our Christmas shopping, but really I came to see Katie.

“I think she’s absolutely fab.  She’s a gorgeous, caring mum and an independent woman – an all round good role model.”

 Meanwhile, across town Peter swaggered into Asda George 40 minutes late, decked out in aviators, jeans, and a black jacket with silver studs on the shoulders.

Asda Senior floor manager, Caroline Butterworth, was delighted to have such a high profile star perform at their Ashton New Road store.

She said: “We’re not surprised to see thousands of people turn up.  Peter really is the kind-hearted, friendly guy that we see on the tele.

“He’s happy to go that extra mile to make his fan’s visit worthwhile and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have him here at Asda.”

Peter stayed for almost five hours and chatted for a few seconds with each fan; recognising some of the faces that have trailed him around the country for a spree of signings in recent weeks.

24-year-old Marie Burford from Nottingham, has the mysterious girl’s singer’s autograph tattooed on her wrist.

“My feet are swollen and sore from queuing for 14 hours, but it was worth it,” she said.

“This is the eighth time I’ve been to see Pete and he now remembers me.  It’s such a good feeling.”

The former couple may not have bumped into each other during their Manchester visits, but the geographical coincidence could have been the perfect opportunity for the pair to discuss where things went wrong in their three-year marriage – something the model revealed she wanted to do in her latest book.

“I still feel I need to see him and talk about why we broke up,” Katie stated. “It sounds crazy but it’s been well over a year since we split and I’ve only seen him twice. 

“We’ve never discussed the argument that led to him walking out and it feels like unfinished business in my head.”

She adds:  “I’d like to be able to put my side across then close the chapter, though I also know that nothing is going to change.  Peter was once my best friend as well as my husband.”

And perhaps Peter would have accepted the invitation if the speculation was true about an emotional song on his new album being a tribute to Katie, in which he sings ‘my heart’s still in two halves’.

However, neither of the showbiz ex-husband and wife wished to discuss each other while in Manchester.