Updated: Tuesday, 25th February 2020 @ 8:29pm

Stretford MP campaigns to protect Manchester women hit by spending cuts

Stretford MP campaigns to protect Manchester women hit by spending cuts

By Hannah Hulme

A Greater Manchester MP is spearheading a campaign to expose the devastating impact of the government’s spending cuts on women.

Stretford MP Kate Green, alongside Shadow Minister for Women, Yvette Cooper, wants to highlight the disproportionate affect these cuts will have on women in the workplace and the home.

Ms Green said that she was supportive of a number of measures which would help women in the face of such cuts.

She said: “Women and children are being hit hard - taking twice the hit that men are taking and three times the hit on the bankers.”

After meeting with Cosmopolitan magazine to discuss their petition for equal pay she added: “I'm very supportive of measures to end the gender pay gap- still a shocking 19.8% largely due to the large number of women in poorly paid part-time work.”

One such measure is the compulsory publication of pay audits detailing the different rates of pay between men and women and the actions companies are taking to address that.

A Labour Commission for Women’s Safety report published yesterday reinforced this view.

It revealed that the cuts will result in significant job losses for women as well as cuts to child benefit, tax credits and specialist NHS services such as the health in pregnancy grant.

Manchester unemployment is particularly high among women with over 6,000 women claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance.

In Oldham the figure is 2,569, in Rochdale 2,527 and in Salford 2,422 and these figures are predicted to rise.

The report also exposed the significant risk that government cuts will pose to women’s safety.

Ms Cooper said: “The more we heard about towns closing specialist domestic violence courts, police officers forced to destroy rape suspects’ DNA, or CCTV switched off, the more worried we became that no one was looking at the cumulative impact of all these policies on women’s safety.”