Updated: Wednesday, 26th February 2020 @ 2:34pm

First & Last... with controversial comic Paul Chowdhry

First & Last... with controversial comic Paul Chowdhry

By Kathryn Cummings

Paul Chowdhry is an award winning stand-up comedian and is renowned for challenging taboo subjects.

As well as stand-up comedy, which he has performed around the world, he has starred in Comedy Central’s Comedy Story Specials and MTV’s Young gods of Comedy.

He also has a number of acting credits to his name, he features in Swinging With The Finkles alongside Martin Freeman, Melissa George and Jerry Stiller, which will be released in June.

He will be visiting Manchester on May 13 at the Manchester Dancehouse as part of his NOT PC debut national UK tour. 

First CD you owned?

Pearl Jam’s first album Alive, which is still one of the best albums from the 90’s Seattle music scene. Ironically some of the tracks are used as walk in music for my tour.

Last film you saw?

Jaws, still considered a cinematic masterpiece. As a child I would re-enact the scenes and pretend the sofa was the boat and the carpet was the shark-infested ocean. This was before PlayStation’s, and kids had to make things up.

Last visit to Manchester was for?

To perform at the world famous Comedy Store. It’s one of my favourite cities to perform in. The audience thinks they’re funnier than the comedians performing! This time I’m doing a two hour show rather than on a bill with other comics.

First Mancunian you'd choose to spend the day with?

Liam Gallagher to find out if he’s really like that!

Last Mancunian you'd choose to spend the day with?

Liam Gallagher to find out if he’s really like that!

First thing you think of when someone says 'Manchester' to you?

Criminality, gun crime, gang violence and police documentaries. I’m sure there are bad things about Manchester too but I can’t think of any.

It's your last day on earth and you are in Manchester - what do you spend doing?

Performing a show there, then have an after party with the Mancunians. This may be the reason it’d be my last day on earth!

Desert island disc?

Pearl Jam - Alive

Desert island drink (water provided)?

Cranberry juice, it's good for you init.

Last book you read?

The Guvnor by Lenny McLean, a very moving autobiography about a bare-knuckle boxer.

First club/bar you visited in Manchester?

Probably one of the supersized all bar ones. It was the size of a shopping centre!

Last holiday you went on?

I only have working holidays! Hollywood, in meetings and performing.

City or United?                                                

Always support the underdog, so United.

For more news on Paul please visit www.paulchowdhry.com