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Piccadilly Pulse: Are you worried the riots are going to spread to Manchester?

Piccadilly Pulse: Are you worried the riots are going to spread to Manchester?

By Andrew Nowell

Are the riots about to spread to Manchester?

The riots which have broken out across London at the weekend following the police shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, and have sparked similar incidents of disorder, looting and burning on the streets of Birmingham and Liverpool amongst other cities, have shocked the nation and dominated the media over the last few days.

The country’s leaders have been forced to abandon their holidays and fly home to deal with the crisis, with Cobra meeting today to discuss what is to be done about the escalating violence and criminal damage.

Teresa May called for the army to be deployed on the streets against rioters, then swiftly backtracked on it, while telling the Telegraph that those caught: “will be made to face the consequences of their actions".

While all this is going on, attention has turned to Manchester. Could the same scenes be witnessed here? Greater Manchester Police moved quickly to try and calm public fears, with a statement this morning from Assistant Chief Constable, Terry Sweeney.

He said: "I want to reassure the public of Greater Manchester that there have been no disturbances or incidents of disorder or rioting here since trouble flared in London over the weekend.

"We are monitoring the situation extremely closely and are prepared to deal with any situations that may arise.

"Should we be faced with any incidents of disorder or criminality we will respond in a firm and robust way that supports our communities' expectations and maintains public safety.”

Mancunian Matters took to the streets to pose the question:

 Are you worried the riots will spread to Manchester?


A little, but remain hopeful they won't
Not at all


Phil, 36, TV production worker, Prestwich.

“It will be here tonight, definitely. It’s the natural flow of the human psyche, and Manchester’s the only place it’s not been.  There will be trouble here tonight, I can feel it. Everyone’s tense, everyone’s worried about it, no-one’s talking about it. The businesses are shutting early and the police are coming in before dark.”

Usman Ali, 20, student, University.

“They say it will be here, but I don’t really know anything about it. It’s not good for the whole country, it doesn’t look good. The country is called the United Kingdom, so if people are making trouble everyone will suffer because of it.”

Alison Gorrod, 39, full-time mum, Stalybridge.

“I suppose so, there’s idiots everywhere, isn’t there? It’s a certain type of people who just like to cause trouble. They don’t care what the initial protest was about, they just latch on to trouble. It’s like everything, it’s like the student protests about fees, you get nutters latching on to it.”

Nick Gladrey, 48, financial controller, Denton.

“I hope it doesn’t come here. I don’t know what’s it all about, it seems to be people kicking off for something to do by the sounds of it. People think they are getting a bit bored with life so it seems to be: ‘let’s cause trouble and put this area on the map’.  It shouldn’t come here because we’re quite normal people up here. Down there, they seem to be a bit greedier.”

George Carne, 46,  unemployed railway worker, Cheetham Hill.

“I don’t want it to come here at all, but quite possibly it will. Things like this spread. It will be a bad thing for Manchester, but suppression is depression and will create anger if they feel they’re not being listened to.”

Michael Frater, 54, unemployed engineer, Blackley.

“I don’t think it will come here, that was all police trouble in London, with retaliation for the shooting of Mark Duggan. It goes back to the 80s, heavy-handed policing. People are more tolerant here and there’s less problems with the police. But if he’s had a gun, what are the police supposed to do?”

Sandra Chatfield, 40, unemployed carer, Rusholme.

“There was supposed to be trouble coming last night and it didn’t. The police reaction down there was disgusting, we had trouble in Manchester city centre with the football and the police sorted that out fine. The police in London seem to be letting trouble kick off and now it’s got out of hand. I back the Manchester police for their tactical skills. I think the whole thing is appalling, it’s attacking business and people, and what have they ever done to anyone? I hope Manchester people have got more sense.”

Chris Willetts, 29, musician, Middleton.

“It would be a shame if it comes here. I’m hoping not because I think it stays where it already is and is still about the local issues that started it.”

Rithwan Daud, 19, unemployed mechanic, Bury.

“Most possibly it will come here, because all the crimes and the same issues people have in London are also found here. Manchester and Birmingham want to be like London and it’s giving the people a bad name, because a lot of policies in London are very unfair. It’s caused by people being bored because they’re not in work, just getting government money like Jobseekers. They get bored and are just trying to entertain themselves by doing stupid things.”

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