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Just one more: Smoking habit tops list of Manchester's biggest regrets, study reveals

Just one more: Smoking habit tops list of Manchester's biggest regrets, study reveals

By Suraj Radia

Smoking is one of the biggest regrets for Mancunians, with the cash-consuming and health-damaging habit topping a survey of mistakes that never should have happened.

In a study by E-Lites of 2,000 adults, 86% of smokers wished they hadn’t taken that first puff while Manchester citizens on average have seven regrets about their life.

CEO of E-Lites Adrian Everett urged people to act on their regrets by cutting down or giving up smoking, or by starting to save money for now.

He said: “Almost everyone has at least one thing they wish they hadn’t done, especially from their younger years.

“While some regrets are small, some of the mistakes from your past can have a real effect on your health, bank account and on your entire future.

“What’s more, some regrettable decisions or actions can also have an effect on others around you.

“Luckily, many things on the list are rectifiable and actions can be taken to ease the feeling of regret.”

Behind smoking, people’s biggest regrets included not saving more money and putting on weight, while others centred around work and social errors.

Researchers also discovered 81% of people felt their bad decisions shaped their personality and 78% believed their initial regrets influenced the choices they’ve made since.

The survey showed over a third of people from Manchester whose partner smokes regret choosing to be in a relationship with that person.

And almost a third wished they had made more effort to try and encourage friends or family who smoke to cut down or give up altogether.

The smokers themselves regret the health effects it has had and the amount it has cost them financially over the years, along with the damage it can cause to other peoples’ health.

Here are the rest of the top 15 regrets for people in Manchester:

1.    Taking up smoking

2.    Not saving more money

3.    Allowing myself to become overweight/fat

4.    Not quitting smoking at an earlier age

5.    Not keeping in touch with people

6.    Not getting better exam results/grades

7.    Getting into debt

8.    Choosing the wrong career path

9.    Not concentrating hard enough at school

10. Not socialising with friends enough

11. Not making the most of an opportunity

12. Not being brave enough

13. Ignoring an illness

14. Losing your virginity to the wrong person

15. Being too sensible

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