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Unseen Slipknot: Shock rock exhibition of Kerrang photographer's work at Manchester Photographic gallery

Unseen Slipknot: Shock rock exhibition of Kerrang photographer's work at Manchester Photographic gallery

By Hannah Hulme

Britain’s premier photographer of rock bands is taking his critically acclaimed exhibition to Manchester this week – including unseen images of Slipknot.

Kerrang! Magazine’s main man, Paul Harries, is showcasing his shots of heavy metal band Slipknot at Manchester Photographic, opening April 13.

Paul has closed his shutter on such groups as Nirvana, Muse, Metallica and AC/DC but chose Slipknot for the exhibition because of their unique image and his relationship with the band, cultivated over 13 years.

Speaking to MM, Paul said: “I’ve known them for so long I think they trust me to take pictures that they like, or really its about trusting me not to take pictures that they wouldn’t like. I’m very respectful of their image and we’ve always got on.”

Shawn Crahan, aka Clown, of Slipknot said: “Slipknot is not always the easiest band to capture in the true essence of photography and also not very easy to work with in the photo environment.  

“Look at ‘the Knot’ as seen through the eyes of a true photographer, artist and friend.”

In London, Paul work was very well received; the show was the most successful exhibition the Strand Gallery had ever seen. 

After being approached by Manchester Photographic, Paul said he ‘jumped at the chance’ to show his photographs in the North.

Over sixty photographs will be on display, including behind the scenes and previously unseen images, a treat for slipknot fans.

But Paul says the exhibition will appeal to art enthusiasts too.

He said:  !The whole image of slipknot, a lot of thought’s been put into it. They’ve got that kind of creepy serial killer look about them.

“They’re just a very interesting band and I love working with them because they’re so visual.”

He added that he is looking forward to meeting fans at the exhibition.

Paul will be hanging out at the show on Friday afternoon and taking questions in a Q&A session at 6pm.

The exhibition will run from April 13 - May 2 and will be free entry. For more information visit http://www.manchesterphotographic.com/gallery/exhibitions/


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