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Manchester Film Co-Op to hold a summit after hitting a cross roads over re-launch

Manchester Film Co-Op to hold a summit after hitting a cross roads over re-launch

By Charlie Bennett

The Manchester Film Co-operative has, after four years of being active, hit a cross roads after a re-launch of their screenings.

The organisers of predominantly leftist film screenings at the Kings Arms has a small group of core members, who are happy to see other people take over their roles.

But there is currently some uncertainly about who will take over to re-launch the not-for-profit film screenings in a new format by September.

Phoebe Moore-Carter, a spokeman from the Co-op, said: “We’ve always had the same six or seven people working their backs off to run this co-operative. We could close down if no one else steps up to take over, and it requires commitment.”

A new group of organisers will need to handle areas like programming, working with the Kings Arms staff, publicity and thinking about the new format. The existing organisers will still attend and provide support at the outset. The current team is holding an emergency summit meeting on June 26.

Ms Moore-Carter said: “We stress that the Co-operative must still be run on democratic principles. One person will also have to take up more than one role.”

The Co-operative has more than 300 members and a Facebook group with more than 600 people. So far around 13 people have come forward.

The Manchester Film Co-operative emergency summit takes place on Tuesday June 26 at 7.45 pm, Kings Arms, Bloom Street in Salford.

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