Updated: Tuesday, 20th November 2018 @ 12:36pm

Greater Manchester Police claim evening a 'success' following over 100 arrests

Greater Manchester Police claim evening a 'success' following over 100 arrests

By Jack Travers

Over one hundred looters and rioters are under arrest following last night's chaos, according to Greater Manchester Police.

Looters and thugs caused carnage well into the early hours last night, damaging many shops and buildings and even setting ablaze Miss Selfridge on Market Street.

However, a policeman on the streets of Piccadilly said this morning that the Greater Manchester Police operation should be seen as a good result.

He said: “We think our operation was a relative success last night, especially in relation to other parts of the country.

“There were hundreds of rioters in the city centre and 110 of them are now in police custody. We think that is a pretty good rate.

“There are going to be some doors knocked on this morning too so that number will increase.”

However this goes against some reports that there were thousands involved in the mobs that moved through the city.

Another policeman, speaking on his patrol in Market Street, believes it is more than likely there will be more violence tonight although there is no evidence that this is the case yet.

The GMP will keep tabs on Twitter and Facebook as well as patrolling the streets in an attempt to nip any mass gathering of rioters in the bud.

Police who were meant to be travelling down to London today to assist the Metropolitan Police Force were recalled early this morning.

They will remain in Manchester to bolster the police presence on the city’s streets this evening in the continued attempt to return order to the streets.


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