Updated: Friday, 19th October 2018 @ 10:03am

Ed Miliband in Manchester riot clean up: Quick to the rescue or photo opportunity?

Ed Miliband in Manchester riot clean up: Quick to the rescue or photo opportunity?

By Amy Senior

It’s disputable whether Labour are proving their worth or jumping on a bandwagon in their speedy address of the riots but their efficiency in Manchester is so far undeniable.

Looking around the city centre today it would be easy to believe that a severe storm, similar to those in the Deep South of America, had hit and not rioters.

The streets were clear of glass, rubble weapons and litter all because an influx of ‘mission clean-up’ tweets started as soon as the first window shattered and Manchester City Council hit the centre hard in the early hours of the morning.

Ironically as people begin to label the unfolding rioting disaster as Cameron’s very own ‘Hurricane Katrina’ type embarrassment Labour make sure they are first to the frontline.

Labour Leader, Ed Milliband, commented this morning: ““We need action now because the victims of this inexcusable violence cannot be left to cope alone.”

He later added: "The priority now is doing what is necessary to end the sense of fear many families are now feeling.

"We continue to need the strongest possible police response to restore calm and security to our streets. There must be no no-go areas for the police.”

He later appeared surrounded by onlookers and even admirers as he posed for cameras with a very young clean-up volunteer who counter acted the delinquents who rioted last night.

MP Hazel Blears was the first party member to quickly confront the burgeoning issue which violently struck the city centre yesterday evening.

She said: “This is copycat behaviour. There’s a sense that some people don’t have the kind of barriers and discipline that people in the past have been brought up with.”

The Salford MP was quick to condemn the amount of youths involved in the riots, repeating the message this morning on Market Street that this must be ‘nipped in the bud’ and that the parents of the delinquents should be brought before a court with them.

Blears still attracts a multitude of contention within Manchester and Salford but her message was clear and whether she is liked or not it seems much of Britain currently share the views expressed by both her and Miliband.