Updated: Monday, 10th December 2018 @ 4:16pm

Future looks golden for Olympic heroes' post box, as Manchester City Council and British Cycling back campaign

Future looks golden for Olympic heroes' post box, as Manchester City Council and British Cycling back campaign

By Georgina Stubbs

The campaign to keep Albert Square’s post box painted gold has received a much-needed boost – as both Manchester City Council and British Cycling are backing the petition.

Manchester City Council’s councillor with responsibilities for all things cycling, Carl Austin, confirmed to MM that the news means the future of the post box looks promising.

The outlook on the decision looks promising with an initial go ahead given by Royal Mail.  

Councillor Austin said: “Why build a sculpture when something so simple is an easy option to keep that Olympic and Paralympic legacy going, it is a cost effective choice within these hard times.”

Royal Mail has so far painted a post box in the home towns of all British champions in recognition of the gold medal achievements in the Olympics and Paralympics – with the intention of repainting them in due course.

However red has been the standard colour for post boxes since 1874.

Councillor Austin added: “Royal Mail is backing the campaign because of the Manchester based British Cycling and everything it has achieved.

“Many of the successful athletes train at the Velodrome and within the Greater Manchester area. This would be a perfect lasting legacy to what has been achieved.”

It was also confirmed that upon the go ahead from Royal Mail, a plaque detailing the teams Olympic and Paralympic achievements will be added once the post box has been sanded down and repainted.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “This is a unique, highly visible and fitting way to recognise the successes of Team GB during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Royal Mail’s post boxes are a much-loved part of the UK landscape.”

There is also strong public support for the post box. Viv Warentz, from the city centre, was delighted to have the monument in the city.

 “I love it, I think it is brilliant,” she said.

While Dawn Quarmby, of Stalybridge, said: “I think it should have a plaque on it saying who and what it was for.”

A final decision from Royal Mail is expected soon.

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