Updated: Thursday, 26th April 2018 @ 5:50pm

LGBT charity Lesbian Gay Foundation to tour Greater Manchester promoting equal marriage

LGBT charity Lesbian Gay Foundation to tour Greater Manchester promoting equal marriage

By Kim Richards

Manchester-based charity the Lesbian Gay Foundation will be touring the ten boroughs of the city next week to promote their Love Equal Marriage campaign.

The road show, starting February 11, coincides with the successful first gay marriage vote in the House of Commons and Valentine’s Day.

A temporary wedding arch will be constructed throughout the campaign to allow the public to share their views on the historic vote.

Sarah McNally, from the LGF, said: "Marriage is a hugely important institution in this country and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people want to have access to this institution.

"The issue of marriage is arguably one of the last inequalities in the law and it’s so important to many couples to be married and for this inequality to be rectified.

"The Manchester community and beyond have been fantastic in taking action as part of our Love Equal Marriage campaign.

"We’ve also been moved by all the comments and ‘real stories’ people have contributed, talking about how equal marriage will change their lives."

The campaign has gathered a large celebrity following, including Boy George and Stephen Fry who tweeted in support and Manchester-based Great British Bake Off winner John Whaite.

"I'm in favour of same-sex marriage because I believe in equality for everyone," said Coronation Street Star Charlie Condou. 

"I believe it is a civil right, not a privilege.

"If gays are equal to straight people, then we should be allowed to marry, as straight people are."

The timetable for the road show is available on the LGF website at http://www.lgf.org.uk/equal

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Picture courtesy of Chorley Little Theatre, with thanks.