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Piccadilly Pulse: Should 20mph speed limits be introduced in urban areas?

Piccadilly Pulse: Should 20mph speed limits be introduced in urban areas?

| By Dan Birch

Much talk has been made regarding introducing 20mph speed limits in urban areas, with the the majority of Brits supposedly in support of the idea.

In Manchester, the decision came two years ago when the a speed limit of 20mph was introduced in all non-major residential roads in Manchester, in a proposal put forward by the Liberal Democrats. 

On March 31, Manchester City Council announced the 20mph speed limit was to be enforced in Gorton, Miles Platting, Newton Heath, Ancoats and Clayton as well as parts of Hulme, Moss Side and Fallowfield.

The decision came in a bid to reduce accidents and encourage more cycling and walking.  

MM took to the streets of Piccadilly to ask:

Should 20mph speed limits be introduced in urban areas?








Desmond Carroll, 85, a retiree from Bromley, said: “You are constantly looking at 20mph so it makes driving trickier. The bikes on the pavement in general go too quickly though.”

Chris Ashley, 43, a consultant based from Spinningfields, said: “I think it would be a good thing and in means in general the roads will become safer.”

Ryan Andale, 27, an art worker who lives in Chorley, said: “That it was a campaign the government should not spend their money on.”

Dan Rose, 24, a bar attendant from Fallowfields, said: “As a pedestrian absolutely, there are a lot of schools in urban areas therefore it is quite important.”

Will Jones, 20, a student living in Salford, said: “It would be a good idea to make the environment a more vibrant place.”

Joe Johnson, 25, an assistant manager of a bar from Spinningfields, said “I have been a cyclist for years, the speed limit is high and decision making is stupid.”

Ashley Windus, 23, from Withington, a bar worker who lives in the Northern Quarter, said: “You can’t speed up on a weekend because it is so busy. People will stand on a curb.”

Steve Lanigan, 29, a retail worker from Moss Side, said: “The 20mph zone is a fair speed. The amount of cyclists and cars that go the wrong way is okay.

“I actually had a confrontation with a person who has worked in the Northern Quarter area for 15 years but said it was a two-way street. It is a one-way system.”

Greg, 42, a duty manager of the Terrace, from Didsbury, said: “Our Street does not usually get big enough. I don’t think it is necessary at the moment.”

Cat Mitchell, 19, a barmaid who lives in Prestwich, said: “There are cyclists in certain areas but as a place in general for cyclists, Manchester is not the greatest place for safety.”

Hannah Gross, 18, Café worker from Whitefield, said: “Because traffic reaches the same speed slowly, it works how it is. For safety, I do the same route every day."