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Piccadilly Pulse: Hair Transplants – 11/06/2011

Piccadilly Pulse: Hair Transplants – 11/06/2011

By Barrie White

Wayne Rooney this week revealed a sore and bloody head on Twitter as he confirmed the rumours that he had a hair transplant done.

We asked people in Piccadilly Gardens the following:

Should men accept going bald?


Options Results
Yes 58%
No 42%


Glyn Sinkinson, 51, Self-employed, Middleton:


“I would not ridicule it if it was through serious illness, or caused by cancer.”


Louise O’Donnell, 30, Insurance, Salford:


“I think baldness is quite sexy.  It’s a nice look and it is all part of the ageing process.  It looks stupid otherwise.”


Janet Quinn, 47, Support Worker, City Centre:


“They should grow old gracefully.  There are other things to worry about than going bald.”


Dian Robertson, 48, Pupil Support Worker, City Centre:


“They should just accept the way they are.”


Hugh Quinn, 48, Financial Advisor, City Centre:


“No I wouldn’t have a hair transplant.   Some people if they just had the money then I suppose they would.  He (Rooney) just looks like a hairy turnip rather than a bald one.”


Steven Hutchinson, 20, Student, Salford:


“It is part of growing old.  It’s one of those things that is going to happen.”


Danny Cooper, 20, Student, Bolton:


“I think some people might be able to suit baldness but for others, it’s all about looking good.  For me, I don’t suit a bald spot.  I just don’t suit it, I look like Shrek!” 


Sophie Parker, 21, Receptionist, City Centre:


“If they have hair before then it would be acceptable.  But some people look nice with baldness. I quite like a good head of hair.”


Katie Mapes, 22, Student, City Centre:


“I would not be too bothered as long as the person is nice.  It’s not like I am not going to go out with someone just because their bald.”


Craig Lawson, 28, Computer Forensics Engineer, 28:


“It’s not something I would personally do.  I am not that vain really.”


Richard Pike, 32, Engineer, City Centre:


“Even though Rooney has got all that money, he should grow bald gracefully.”